Amber, the power mommy

The Inspirational speaker of the week is Amber Lavene.

Amber and her adorable son, Thad!

I met Amber the summer of 2009 (6 years ago) at a summer camp. She was working there as a Nanny and I taught tennis to the munchkins. We talked a bit over the summer and became friends on social media. The summer ended and we both went on our different paths.

Somewhere around Winter 2014, we touched base to talk again for the first time since camp. Over the years, I watched her life unfold seeing she had gotten married, became a military wife, was going to school to be an Interior Designer, & had a cute little baby boy, but besides congratulating her and her replying kindly we never engaged in a conversation. One day in Spring 2014 I was scrolling through Facebook and saw her posting talking about a company that she just became a part of. She spoke of how she found what she is passionate about in life and is ready to share it with the world. Amber is changing people’s lives every day by helping others find their own paths to follow and uplift their self-confidence back by showing them a different way of living through Network Marketing. Not too long after seeing this is when we started our online friendship and have watched it grow stronger as time goes on!

Fast forward to now, Amber is expecting her second child, a single mom, moved across country (again), and been through remarkable changes over the last year and a half. I am honored to have her here to talk about her story from life to business. I hope her story can help some of you out there! Know that there is others just like you with the same struggles that are making it happen in life and in business. Amber is a great inspiration; a strong and independent woman willing to share her story with all of you on how you can over come anything in life with enough determination and choosing to never quit! After all she has been through she is never afraid of smiling, getting up in the morning, and pursuing her dreams of being a Hope & Dream Broker.

*****This interview is not advertisement by any means! This was made for motivation for EVERYONE around the world, whether you are in school, looking for a job, building your own business, working in network marketing or just lost motivation in general. We hope stories like this can inspire you and can help you create your own success story! *****

Now let’s see the interview:

How I Adult: Hi Amber, how are you?
Amber: I am doing great! Thank you for asking.

HIA: You just recently had your baby shower, are you and your son ready for little baby number two to arrive?
Amber: We are getting anxious to have her here with us and getting ready for the transition of having two running around the house very soon. But over all I’m very happy and he’s going to be an awesome big brother, he’s very helpful already at 2!

HIA: Could you tell us a little about your career?
Amber: I am with a company called It Works! Global. I started back in April 2014 when my son was 6 months old. I decided going back to school to finish my Bachelors was a waste of time and was only going to take away time from my son, when It Works came into my life I was looking for something I could do to bring money into the household without sacrificing being a SAHM(Stay at Home Mom). They say everything happens for a reason right! I have no business background, never owned a business & had no Network Marketing experience before. It was all new to me and I’ve loved learning every step of the way while earning an income.

HIA: Why did you chose the company you are with?
Amber: Honestly, it was what I was seeing my other friends doing on Facebook. At the time I had been wanting to find something that could bring me in money and not sacrifice my time with raising my son, I felt it was placed in my lap at the right time. I didn’t even know what Network Marketing was but I believed in it more than anything else I’ve ever done in my life.

HIA: It is hard to be an entrepreneur, you can be judged by a lot of people. What was that grabbed your attention about this lifestyle and made you jump right in this business?
Amber: In my opinion, the work we do is simple and easy to follow which makes it great because you can fit it right into your every day life and only work part time to make a decent extra income. To make the big bucks though you have to be willing to put in the work and run your business like a business every single day. I jumped right in because I saw the money earning potential and I wanted it! The best part about Network Marketing is you’re getting paid on your performance and for becoming a better you.

HIA: Now because of your business, you get to spend unlimited time with your kiddos. What do you like most about being a stay at home mommy?
Amber: For me being a SAHM is rewarding and challenging, it makes me learn to be a better person and expand my mind to thinking outside the box. I seriously thought I was going to be a career woman who had a husband that would stay home with the kids. Boy was I wrong, once I had my son my whole view on life changed and there was no taking him away from me. The best part is because of my business I get to show my kids how to dream, work hard, build relationships, and they get to see me make mistakes and learn from them. I’m giving them what I always wanted as a kid, stability and teaching self love.

HIA: I previously mentioned that you changed your life around in the past 1.5 years. What motivated you to change and why did you feel the need for change?
Amber: Becoming a mother changed my perspective on the world. I want only the best for my kids and the only way I can provide that without sacrificing my time is by being a Network Marketing Professional. I have always been one looking for more in life. I always had a void with every job I’ve ever had and there have been more than I can count since I was younger. When I saw this opportunity the void was filled, I decided I no longer wanted to live the life I had been up until April 2014, I was ready to take hold of my future and not let the past dictate my life. It was eye opening and refreshing to know there is another way to make a living that makes more sense than any other platform out there.

HIA: In Network Marketing there can be ups and downs, one of the big ones can include losing support and possibly friendships because of different viewpoints. This can be a very tough situation to be in. Has this happened to you & do you think it was for the better?
Amber: My husband at the time was one of the biggest skeptics and was very non supportive of me doing this. Which is VERY common. Some people just can’t see the vision the way you can and just don’t align and that is ok! When someone is holding you down no matter what you do it’s time to reevaluate in my opinion. I made the courageous choice to go off on my own and live the life I was meant to live, since leaving I’ve grown and so has my business which goes to show that I made the right choice for my kids and I. No matter what you go through in life you can choose to persevere or to give up, I am not a quitter so this was out of the question for me. I gave it my all and when it became to much I chose life over suffocation. To anyone out there reading this, you have all the power to make your own decisions don’t let anyone take away your worth or make you feel less, always remember to respect yourself. If it doesn’t serve you it is time to let it go.

HIA: There are so many people out there who have a hard time making a change in their lives because they are afraid, what would you recommend to them?
Amber: Fear is one of the biggest excuses that exist in this world. Living a life of fear is not living a life of faith that is living blindly to what the outside world has told you. I highly recommend starting personal development by reading books that will help you conquer your fear(s) whatever it may be. Learn to grow yourself and put yourself into the correct mindset for success in your own right. Only you determine how your life will go but you have to be willing to take a chance by making a choice that it’s time to make a change to better your life. Look for others that inspire you and are living a life you want, get with that person and ask them how they did it. Absorb, learn, and then do what they are doing. Take action steps every day to be a better you because you are the only person you’re in competition with!

HIA: After making these changes in your life, you must have met lots of new people in the process. How did those people influence you?
Amber: I have found my Tribe. The people I am around now in life are inspiring, captivating, and push me to do better and be better every day. We do not let each other quit. We teach each other new lessons and how to fail forward in life. The last year and a half I have had greater life experiences than I have in my whole life and a lot of that has to do with the people I surround myself with. You are the average of the closest 5 people you surround yourself with so choose wisely!

HIA: What are your goals in life?
Amber: I have many but the ones that stand out the most is to raise my kids to live a life as a dreamer and visionary. My other big goal is to give back to the communities I live in and find a way to impact the world with all that I do.

HIA: Where do you see yourself in two years?
Amber: Living back on the West Coast in California expanding my reach by building a team of Hope & Dream brokers. Being on my way to building an asset lifestyle that will create a legacy for generations to come. Also being Debt Free!

HIA: What are your favorite inspirational books? And what did they teach you?
Amber: Go Pro by Eric Worre, Beach Money by Jordan Adler, Mach II with your hair on fire by Richard Bliss Brooke, The 4 Year Career by Richard Bliss Brooke, Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill, How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie, Your First Year in Network Marketing by Mark Yarnell. The list could go on and on. Each one has it’s purpose but all of these will put your mind into the right place for success in Network Marketing. This is a marathon not a sprint, it takes 7-10 years to be a master at anything so on average you’re looking at least 5 years before you “make it” with making big bucks. There is no such thing as get rich quick, if that’s what you’re looking for you won’t find it in Network Marketing!

HIA: How do you wake up in the morning?
Amber: Live life as an adventure and by that I mean anything you’re doing can be an adventure. You don’t have to go anywhere special for adventure to happen! I live to serve others and help them anyway I can, I wake up saying “Who am I going to help today?”

HIA: If you could go back in time, would you do things different?
Amber: Nothing! Everything I have gone through has made me the person I am today. Living in a life of wondering what if is not part of my vocabulary, it is a waste of time. Just learn and grow daily and be the best person you can be.

HIA: You must have changed a lot too as an individual during this time, what are the changes you see in yourself?
Amber: I went on a soul search in my early 20’s because I felt off kilter. I continually learn and grown. I love reading and being in Network Marketing if you aren’t reading you will not grow. It’s best to learn from others who have already been the same places you end up in. You’ll be able to get out a of a funk by learning lessons from others rather than being stubborn and learning it all from the beginning yourself.

HIA: Who is your personal hero and why?
Amber: I have a few very close girl friends that without them I don’t know how I would have made it through some of my hardest life experiences. Since beginning Network Marketing I have met so many that touch my soul in so many different ways I could not just pick one. Over all though, my Mother has always been my biggest supporter and cheerleader even when I haven’t been the best person back to her especially growing up. Her undying passion and love makes her my hero and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

HIA: What does your bucket list look like?
Amber: There are so many things on my bucket list. One of the bigger ones will be skydiving for the first time when I hit Triple Diamond in my business!

Thank you Amber for taking the time and sharing your story with us!

I know there are many people out there who have been in similar situations and hopefully Amber’s story, dedication, and example will help them make changes in their lives into a positive direction.

Amber is a very good friend of mine, someone I only met once in person, but still feel very close to. We grew up in two different countries with different backgrounds, but still share similar values and ideas about our lives and future. I admire her work ethic, the fact how tough she is and where she is headed.

Big shout out to this wonderful power mommy and Amber, good luck with your business and life!

If you have any questions for Amber, please post it in the comment box and she will reply to you!


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