Pampering your body inside and out

Hello everyone!

Today’s blog post is going to be a little more serious. I just got done with college and cafeteria food not that long ago. Since then I am trying to take advantage of having my own kitchen, cooking at home and buying healthier food options. (Which is not that hard, compared to the cafeteria meal, they didn’t really raise the bar high) I am still new to the whole ‘organic grocery list and checking out the food label’ thing, but I am learning something new every day.


As I am learning, I am realizing more and more how important it is to take care of our bodies, not only on the outside, but on the inside as well. We pay attention to look good on the outside, we put make up on, fix our hair, wear nice clothes, but then forget to pamper our bodies on the inside.

I know! It is a tragedy that if we wanna buy organic food it costs us a lot more and sometimes I get into a pickle myself thinking it is okay to pick the cheaper, maybe even chemical filled option because I am young, reckless and YOLO…

But my friend once told me after she got tired of me whining about the prices: You know, I get it. Your grocery bill gets higher…but you know what? You pay now, or you pay later. Your choice…and she walked away.
I kind of wish she had a microphone to drop because it would have been even more dramatic that way haha But putting the joke aside: OUCH. But I get it…whatever I save on grocery bills today, might be spending on doctor’s visits in the future.


But but but…how do I know if I am doing it right? If this is worth it? The conclusion I came to is this:

The world is a dangerous place and most of the happenings are out of our control. Health is unfortunately not guaranteed to anyone and why not try our best to maintain it or regain it and give ourselves the best chances possible? Spending on healthier groceries and home cleaning products isn’t my concern anymore. There are plenty other ways to save that extra couple bucks on every month.

Here is an article that a fantastic young lady, Yvette, shared on her social media site. This article is about telling the difference between farmed salmon that is possibly filled with antibiotics, grow hormones and mercury as opposed to wild salmon that is a safer choice to eat!

Please invest 5 minutes in your health and read the article: Farmed Salmon vs. Wild Salmon

Also, if you got a little more time, check out Yvette’s blog about her path, healing, and the fantastic miracle that she has accomplished by changing to a healthier lifestyle and a different way of thinking. She is very motivational and shows you how much is possible if you really want to make something happen.

Go out there and spread the love please!





GrilledCheese – Spinach Sandwich

The other day I was cruising through Instagram while my stomach was growling at me, letting me know that it was time to get some food. But I was a little lazy to get up, so I ignored the signs until I came across a picture that @TheDelicious posted of a sandwich…sandwich has never looked so good to me before…it had spinach on it, cheese, it looked crispy and delicious …….so that was enough motivation for me to get out of bed as fast as possible. I was in the kitchen, ready to make that sandwich! I opened the cabinet and there was no bread in there…we were out of bread in the worst possible moment haha (so dramatic)

So I asked Ben to pick up some bread on his way home, which he did, so we made the sandwiches for lunch…well late lunch. Around 3 pm….and they were just as delicious as we expected them to be…


There is no turning back…the best sandwich ever…so we made them for dinner too haha and if we didn’t run out of bread again…we probably would have made them for breakfast as well the next day 😀

So here I shall share the recipe to this beauty: (It differs a little bit from the original, which was a herb and kale pesto + avocado + spinach sandwich)


  • whole wheat bread
  • spicy hummus (we used this instead of the kale pesto)
  • feta cheese
  • pepperjack cheese
  • spinach
  • avocado


  • apply previous sandwich making experience
  • to grill them we used coconut oil 🙂



Sunday night dinner

At the beginning of the week I got bok choy (which is a type of cabbage) at the grocery store because I have never bought one before and it was green and happy looking and is a veggie so it must be healthy…after eating a lot at the cafeteria at school and doubling my waist size, now that I graduated I decided to cook better at my own kitchen and get rid of the jiggling feeling that made me feel very uncomfortable lately…

This is a picture of a bok choy...
This is a picture of a gigantic bok choy…

I looked it up and it turns out that bok choy contains a bunch of Vitamin A-s and minerals, such as iron, magnesium and calcium. So double yay to bok choy-s…So after washing and cutting up this wonderful piece of vegetable, I heated up olive oil in a pan and added some garlic to it..when the garlic turned brownish redish almost blackish (might have forgotten about it for a little bit) I added the bok choy to the mix and let it be….

IMG_9421Whilst admiring my wonderful cooking skills and talent, I realized that we don’t have any kind of meat that we could eat with it. I put some potatoes in the oven and made a dipping sauce (sour cream, mustard, tiny bit of mayo, paprika, pepper, onions, and salt)…

I am not saying it was the best combo of the century and let’s be honest I kind of sautéed the heck out of that bok choy waiting for the potatoes to get done but it turned out kind of nice. It was a very light dinner and we both enjoyed it… This was the outcome:


The day’s clumsy moment happened when I took the potatoes out from the oven and rubbed my arm against the hot oven…oh hot oven I love you…not.


Now I have a surf-board shaped cooking injury and I am very proud of it…I guess…it itches like no other….