This blog is as long as our to do list was for the past weekend…very

You know how they say you should keep your blog posts between 250 and 1000 words to make it readable and enjoyable? Well I am about to run the blog marathon here and I am challenging everyone to keep up with me haha I thought that our long and productive weekend deserves a long and detailed post…or something like that at least…

Ben and I were excited to spend the weekend home since the past three weekends we spent on the road, either together or separately, but what I am trying to say with this is that pretty much, nothing got done. This weekend was a perfect time to catch up with everything we had to get done and still enjoy a little rest.

FRIDAY night we started talking about our plans and quickly realized that we have more on our plates than we thought. We have a chalk board in the kitchen/entrance area where we usually put up important/or fun messages for each other…we cleaned the board and started writing…and writing…and writing and the list just kept going and going…and going. Well the board filled up, which left me in sheer terror that we won’t have enough time this weekend to do everything and even worse…we won’t have enough time to do ANYTHING. Horrid thought…well it was kind of true, but we got lots of things done…aaaaaand then Ben got sick 😦

the list is nice and long

But back to Friday night when we knocked out the easy ones on the list. We caught up with our happy jar (we try to write a good thing every day and drop it in the jar. Something good that happens to us throughout the day, makes us smile and happy), cut Echo’s hair (he started looking like a crazy maniac and his puppy behavior just supports that image, so at least the outer self of him should look somewhat organized) and got our tickets for the next trip ahead (yay).

Dude, dude, crazy dude
Dude, dude, crazy dude

Dinner time came pretty soon and it was time to get creative. I decided to make some Hungarian dish, called rakott krumpli…stacked potatoes in English I guess.. I promise it is more exciting than it sounds. I have been craving it for a while and Friday night seemed to be a good night for it.

Stacked Potatoes – Recipe


4 -5 Medium Boiled Potatoes
Sausage…don’t know…1 sausage I guess (chorizo or Hungarian sausage (duh:)) work best, but anything with a little spice will do)
Bacon (optional, I skipped it)
3 – 4 cups Sour cream
4 Hardboiled Eggs
Salt and Pepper

rakott krumpli


Boil the potatoes and the eggs. Grab a casserole dish and butter it up. Turn the oven on at 350. Cut up the potatoes, sausage, and eggs in circles and stack them up in this order:

1/3 of your ingredients

first layer: potatoes
second layer: eggs
third layer: sausage
fourth layer: sour cream
fifth layer: salt and pepper

2/3 of your ingredients:

first layer: potatoes
second layer: eggs
third layer: sausage
fourth layer: sour cream
fifth layer: salt and pepper

and repeat with the last third.

To be honest, I don’t think the order of the layers matter, I kinda already forgot which order I put them in. I put salt and pepper on the sour cream but I love salt, so if you know you like things a little less salty, you can skip that and just add salt and pepper at the very end. When you are done with your layers, just put some cheese on top. Put it in the oven for about 30 minutes covered, and for an additional 10 minutes uncovered so it gets a little color on top. ENJOY!

I never made this dish before alone but it turned out pretty well. We made two dishes so we can have some the next day as well and it was a big hit between Ben and I haha Don’t be afraid to try it out, I promise it is delicious!

SATURDAY we had a slow morning. We woke up around 9:30, I got up and made some breakfast burritos and hot tea so we can start the day with a good meal. Ben had to go teach tennis later and while he was gone, I cleaned and organized the apartment. He took Echo with him, it is wonderful what a difference it makes when I clean without Echo trying to “help” me out. I felt like I was unstoppable, everything got cleaned, the floors, the kitchen, the closet, the bathroom in just an hour. It felt amazing, then I even had time to Skype Edit and my parents. When Ben got home we made some sandwiches and got on the bedroom decoration project. We have been living in this place since August and all of our walls were still empty and every poster and picture we wanted to put up on the walls were on the floor… by the walls at least, but on the floor…next to all the books we don’t have a shelf for yet and next to some other stuff that should go into boxes and containers. Let’s just say, it was an organized chaos.


But after an hour and a half of hanging things up on the wall and lining up things we put up most of our pictures up, so at least now the floors are empty. We still have a world map to go up on the wall above the bed but leeet’s just do that the next weekend.


After the “hard” work I was in a dessert making mood, but unfortunately this month has its restrictions on my sugar consumption so I had to find something that can be sweet but also has no chocolate or sugar in it…

I found a recipe for wheat and sugar free muffins…sounds super exciting, doesn’t it? In a bowl I had to mix up 2 ripe bananas, 2 eggs, cinnamon, 1/2 of teaspoon baking powder, honey, I added peach pieces, chia seeds, and a little yoghurt. Mixed it and put them in the oven for 20 minutes….they turned out pretty weird looking, but tasted great.


So there was no added sugar to it, which is good (well, except for the honey, but that I am okay with) and guess they turned out to be “low calorie” muffins…but when you eat 10 of something, I guess “low calorie” just kind of loses its meaning.

At night we were all pretty tired and lazy so we decided to watch a movie. We watched Spotlight, which is nominated for best picture at the Oscars…and has like another six nominations but I can’t remember what those are. It was a great movie with wonderful actors in it, and it definitely brought up some interesting topics that worth thinking about. If you haven’t seen it or heard about it yet, you should check it out, it is based on a true story.


Sunday morning we slept in again, even Echo did, who is usually up and running around 8 am and ready to take over the world. Little dude was clearly tired…and he also clearly has no idea how to use a pillow…


I went to work out, which I haven’t done in a while. I never thought I would say this…ever… but it felt amazing to feel exhausted, sore, sweaty and gross. I took a picture as a proof that I did it…


Then I realized that this picture only proves one thing, that I am sitting on the floor, doing nothing but taking pictures of myself, so I guess that did not work out in my favor…also my socks don’t match.

The rest of the day was about doing laundry, vacuuming, and mopping and cooking food for dinner and Monday lunch. Unfortunately, Ben got pretty sick by the afternoon so he was out. (Luckily he is feeling a lot better now) I had some work to do, so before I started cooking, I sat down and worked for a couple hours. For dinner I made couscous with chicken sautéed in mushrooms, bell-pepper, onions and some hot paprika. I poured myself some white wine in a decent sized glass and put on some Gilmore Girls in the background (My new thing haha).


So this was our busy weekend, we got lots done, but the bedroom still needs some decorating and work…It was nice to spend the weekend home, even though we love going to places on the weekends, we just needed this quiet-ish time for ourselves…now that I reached almost 1500 words, I think it is time to say goodbye!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, got lots done and still had time to rest! Until next time!!