Let’s be Honest!


Wow, so original…”Let’s be Honest” and I am writing about The Honest Company…You might be wondering how did I get so creative and how much time I spent pacing around the dark living room, playing around with words, trying to be fun and creative with the title…well… I spent about 10 seconds on it…yes, I am just that creative and I believe I was born this way…haha but even though I am beating a dead horse with it, I like it, so I guess it stays…and as soon as I push the “publish” button, it will be online for eternity. You are welcome!

But let’s get on subject here:

Lately more and more people are looking for companies that would provide them safe and by this I mean chemical-free and all kinds of cr@p-free products; products that they can spray around the house, wash the dishes and their bodies with and that won’t be harmful for their bodies causing skin and health problems later in life. No one wants to wake up after spring cleaning one morning with their arms dried off from all the chemicals that they were interacting with. (dramatic, much?:) ) It happens more than you think….

Me, being a clean freak and also a hypochondriac at the same time ( Yes, life gets tough sometimes) I like to make sure that the cleaning supplies I am using are not killing me and my family slowly while I am happily wiping up the floor, humming “Somewhere over the rainbow” out loud and dancing around with the mop. I do believe in using baking soda and vinegar for cleaning purposes and this is exactly why I fell in love with what The Honest Company has to offer.


Jessica Alba and Christopher Gavigan woke up one morning and realized how beautiful and perfect they are so they thought: hey…how could we make this world as beautiful as we are? They started the company after they realized that there are very few products (lately there have been more luckily) on the market that they felt safe using around their families and newborn babies. They first started off with only baby products and then expanded their product line as the company became more and more popular.


Their product line includes:

  • Baby products – diapers, training pants, baby powder, healing balms, rash creams and backpacks…
  • Breast feeding products– nursing pillows, nipple balm, nursing covers and scarf, infant formulas, baby bottles…
  • Personal care products – deodorant, tampons, pads, soy candles, shave oil, body wash, shampoo and conditioner, hand sanitizer, soap…
  • Vitamins – women and men wellness bundles and parental vitamins for women
  • Cleaning products – mopping pads, multi-surface cleaner, window and bathroom cleaner, fruit and veggie wash, detergent, dryer cloths, stain removers, dish soap, and dishwasher gel…
  • Accessories – blankets, tops, swim wear, backpacks, totes, lunch boxes, sun hats, and swim shirts

So there is a lot to pick from, even if you don’t have babies yet or your babies have left the nest and took off to spread joy around a college campus somewhere else, you can still find it very important to use safe products around the house.

We use many of their products and are very happy with them! True, our clothes aren’t coming out from the washer smelling like a field full of roses after a touch of spring rain, but oh well, I don’t mind that. The detergent’s scent is nice and calming, not too strong. I do miss the stronger, fresher scent sometimes but it is not real and natural so we might as well live without it.

If you are interested in trying out their products, you can sign up for a free trial here, and they will send you a little package with 5 sample sized products of your choice, when you order though they will sign you up as a customer, which you can cancel out if you are not ready to make that kind of a commitment.

The way the online ordering works is that you create your own bundles, whether it is baby- or cleaning products, and they will deliver it to your door every month…yea…you know…like online orders usually do…

What else?? Oh, yea…so when you are signed up, you will get emails about all kinds of deals, just like this one I just received the other day:

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 4.51.35 PM

I think I said everything I wanted to, I am not trying to push anything on you, I used The Honest Company as an example, but I would like to recommend to look into healthier and safer products that you use around the house every day!

“Protecting our loved ones and yours is the reason we founded The Honest Company.”

***Also, just to make sure, I was not forced, paid, nor was I under a spell to say nice things about these products. I just like them, use them, and enjoy them!***

The Healing Power of Apple Cider Vinegar – 10 Health Benefits

Sometimes I have stomach aches and my friend recommended that I should drink a little apple cider vinegar every day. Some people just drink it as a shot, but to me it is way too strong and since it is pretty acidic I think it could hurt your teeth and stomach too…so don’t do that! 😀 I like to water it up a little and sometimes I even add honey to the mix…the final product is not bad at all, it tastes like apple juice…a very strong one, but apple juice 😀

I got this bottle at Sprouts! We have been trying to eat healthier and choose organic options if possible, but sometimes they get a little pricey, but after a little search we discovered Sprouts-Farmers Market in town, which is a little smaller than other supermarkets, but has fresh food and bakery items, vitamins, produce, and many healthy/organic options for a very good price.

Even Echo is interested…but little dude won’t get any…I don’t think his tummy could handle it

After using apple cider vinegar for my stomach pain, I did some research and it turns out it has plenty of other health benefits, so let’s see them:

    The acid increases metabolism and helps digestion, therefore less calories will enter the bloodstream…yay!
    The strong acid kills off the germs because they can’t really handle that environment! When you feel like your throat is a little scratchy, just mix up a glass of warm water with a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and gargle for a couple minutes! Done…soar throat is gone!
    Apple Cider Vinegar helps with stuffy nose too, since the potassium in it helps breaking up the mucus and again, the bacteria kills off the germs!images-5
    study, conducted at Arizona State University, surveyed 11 people afflicted with type 2 diabetes. The researchers found that taking two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar right before bed lowered the blood sugar levels of these individuals by 4 to 6 percent by morning. – The Alternative Daily
    In a 2006 study, researchers concluded that the acetic acid in apple cider vinegar lowers bad cholesterol levels and triglyceride levels in rats. Mizkan, a Japanese condiment manufacturer, conducted their own tests and found that 15 milliliters (about 0.5 fluid ounces) of apple cider vinegar daily reduces blood cholesterol levels in humans. – Healthline
    This knowledge will come in handy now that we are approaching the holidays! 30 minutes before diving into the turkey meal or enjoying some delicious christmas dinner just mix up a drink of warm water and apple cider vinegar and it will help your stomach to handle all the food!part1
    Oh i wish I knew about this during my college tennis career, it could have helped my cramping issues. Like I mentioned above, apple cider vinegar has potassium in it, so to prevent the cramp just do the usual mix of warm water and a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar!
    Yesyesyes! I think we could all use some extra energy throughout the day….stress and an active  lifestyle can cause the build up of lactic acid in the body but the acids in apple cider vinegar can use as an antidote for that…not to mention the potassium again 🙂
    Finally a cure that doesn’t involve getting scared by someone else or drinking water upside down while on a one arm handstand covering your ears and holding back your breath….just use apple cider vinegar and the sour taste will stop your hiccups!
    Apple Cider Vinegar’s antibacterial properties help to keep the skin clean, pretty and soft like a baby’s butt…apples-and-vinegar

I would recommend using it, if you are up for trying some alternative cures instead of reaching for medication first. 😀

***I found most of my information on the Reader’s Digest website***