Successful people vs. unsuccessful people

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Very interesting to see these different mindsets and behavioral differences…I know I got to work on some of these as well.

Questions for you:

  • Do you make some of these mistakes as well?
  • Do you catch yourself watching TV for hours?
  • What are your favorite self-development books?


The random guy who made me realize how lucky I truly am

Coming out of a coffee shop yesterday morning I didn’t even look up from my phone (gotta fix this horrid habit)… I had my coffee and I was finally warm, what else could I ask for? Then all of a sudden a rusty voice coming towards my direction got me out of my zombie zone so I looked up and I saw a guy cozied up at one of the tables, sipping on some dark coffee. He had some luggages by his feet and a big smile on his face…

He approached me to tell me that he makes and sells ‘dream catchers’ for a living and right now he is trying to make it to California from New Mexico. He told me a little bit about his story and while I was standing there listening, I realized something…we always want more and more, dream about the future and forget to live in the present. We dream about better cars, houses, a new iWatch and forget to stop and look around for a second. Sometimes I forget to be thankful for what I have, and how lucky I am for being healthy, having a home, and having loving family and friends around me. Here is this guy, he lost so many things, he has been through a lot but still didn’t give up. He is going somewhere else to create a better life for himself. Here he is with a gigantic smile on his face and loving life…and here I am getting sad about unimportant things, getting down on myself, worrying about the future … instead of realizing how far I have come and how much I have accomplished. We truly are the biggest critics and biggest enemies of ourselves. You have to talk to yourself like you are talking to a friend who is sad and having a bad day…would you say those mean things to him/her that you sometimes tell yourself? Probably not…so start appreciating what you have and who you are and how far you have come!

Now thumbs up and enjoy life!


Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about!

Be kind to others! Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about!


The other day I was standing by an intersection waiting for the light to turn green so I can cross the road! A car pulled up with two passengers and their windows were down. They had the music on pretty loud and the lady on the passenger side started singing a high note, she got really into it so I started smiling while listening to her…she looked at me, turned down the music and said: Thank you for that beautiful smile, you made my day! You are lovely!

My light turned green and I crossed the road but I was smiling constantly. I made her day, she made mine and we both moved on with a good and warm feeling in our hearts. Isn’t this how it should be? We should be kind and sweet to each other instead of being grumpy and mean all the time. The world can be a dark place but these little moments throughout the day can lighten up our every days!

Be that light in someone else’s day, be the smile that they will remember of!

Now go out there and smile!!!

😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀




Everyone just wants to be liked…

Well, I apologize for the bad word, but today is just one of those days when I realized how important it is to keep in mind, that we can’t please everyone.


Oh how many times do I have to remind myself of this? I am getting better realizing whose opinion truly matters but sometimes I still feel bad about myself based on other’s opinion. It is such a big mistake and all it does is ruin my days.

Look around…who are the ones that are next to you not just in the good but the bad times too? Listen to their opinion! Who are the ones that support you and pick you up when you are at your lowest? Who are your friends that will get your choices without criticizing all the time? The ones that want you to succeed without jealousy?

Stay true to yourself and don’t worry about what other’s think. Don’t let negativity ruin your dreams and goals, because you will regret not making the necessary steps towards those goals. Don’t let the judgmental people control your life…those people won’t be a part of it for too long anyways!

Now go ahead and follow Tim’s example 😀


Just keep moving forward…

Uhm…well…hello, so easy, so simple, makes perfect sense, then why is it so damn hard to do? I am going to print this quote out and put it on the fridge…because that is probably the place that gets the most traffic in our house anyways:D


Good old Johnny Depp knows what’s up. The worst feeling is looking back and thinking…I wish I had the courage to do what I wanted to, instead of listening to others. I have been there, you probably have been there, everyone has been there…when you want to do something but decide not to do it because you are worried what other people might say…aaaand slowly convince yourself that of course they are right about this and you talk yourself out of the whole thing. Well, big mistake.big.huge.


Those missed opportunities became the biggest regrets of my life because I made a decision based on other people’s opinion. How would they know what is good for me? They don’t live my life. They don’t pay my bills. They don’t know what they are talking about. They just like to judge and put me down to lift themselves up.

Make the decision that is best for you and your loved ones. If you run into people who laugh at you and don’t believe in you, prove them wrong. Work twice as hard and lift up your chin and be proud of your choice. It is easy to judge others, it is hard to support them…stick with the friends who support your dreams, help you build them and no matter how many times you fail, they will still be by your side.

Fight for your dreams and never let them go just because of someone else’s opinion, who might not even be part of your life in the future.

Now go and get your dreams! 🙂

A gal from Hungary, a guy from Singapore… one goal, one mission…

*****This interview is not advertisement of the certain company by any means! It was made for motivation for EVERYONE around the world, whether you are looking for a job, building your own business, working in network marketing or just lost motivation in general. We hope that seeing others work hard and reading about their stories can inspire you and can help you create your OWN success story! *****

She is a gal from Hungary and he is a guy from Singapore. What were the chances that one day they will find passion in the same business and end up working towards the same goal while supporting and helping each other. Life truly is a mystery and Helga and Louis’s story proves that when we are going towards our goal deliberately, making the right decisions we will reach success. Sometimes we need to sacrifice a lot, and we will feel lost a couple times during our journey but going to the right direction can result in many wonderful things, including love, success, and freedom. Let’s unfold this amazing couple’s success story, I am sure many of us can learn from it!!!!


Q1: Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions. I know you two are very busy, working on your business, going to events, and exploring the world. What is the next exciting upcoming event in your lives?

Helga: We just attended our company launch party at Sentosa Beach, Singapore.  Five hard working years in the region finally been paid off! We are opening up our Asian headquarter. Thousands of us were flying in from different parts of the world just to celebrate this huge milestone. Yesterday we attended our corporate office visit tour in Suntec City; so these days are very important in our lives! ☺  Also we look forward going to the US in January, 2016.

Louis: It will be January 2016. Looking forward to a Dreamtrip to Orlando Florida + United 2016 with Helga. I have never been to America before. It will be exciting.

Q2: When you were a little child, what did you want to be growing up?

H: Definitely an astronaut; then a secret agent, a lawyer and at the end of the day I always dreamed of becoming a beauty queen. LOL
L: I wanted to be an actor.

Q3: What is your degree/education in?

H: I graduated in Business Administration & Management from Budapest University of Technology & Economics. I also studied International Business as an Erasmus exchange student in Germany.
L: I got my diploma in Electronic, Computer & Communication Engineering.


Q4: Can you please tell us more about what you do now and why you chose the company you are with?

H: I am helping others to achieve their dreams in life. Might sound cheesy/corny, but its true.  Leading by example that if they believe in themselves they literally can achieve anything in life they ever dreamed of!

Actually a funny thing: I did not choose or looked for the company, the company found me! At that time I was unemployed and were looking for a position that I really like doing, fit to my characteristic and also fulfill my desires in life.
I fell in love with the vision when first time been introduced to the platform. Found a very strong why, and how personally want to participate in the success the company is achieving. I seen a huge potential in it and simple did not want to give a miss to an opportunity of a lifetime!

L: Currently I am a full-time travel vacationist with WorldVentures. I was looking for an additional source of income. When I saw WorldVentures, I decided to seize the opportunity. Travel speaks to the whole world. That is massive!

Q5: You are one couple but building your own separate businesses. How can you help each other?

H: With a lot of things actually. Louis was involved in the business one month before me, but he put more effort into it so it keeps me motivated when I see what can be achieved in such short period of time. His experiences and see his day to day attitude also put my standards into a higher level

L: We constantly confide in each other, sharing our views and ideas with each other about our business.


Q6: Did you always have support from your friends and families? If no, what helped you to keep going forward?

H: Not really… My dad is my biggest “dreamstealer”. I do respect his opinion and he does want the best for me, but because we are so different and living a very different lifestyle he just does not get it; as a dad he certainly wants security to his daughter. Conversations with him sometimes get very tough and he makes me cry…

Good thing, I already built up enough confidence so with or without his support I know I can succeed and the time will prove me right. At the end of the day they want me to be happy, and that I already proved to them ☺.

My past experiences and achievements give me enough motivation, belief and energy to keep going. My desire to succeed and have a better life also kept me going in rough times.

My current business partners became very close to me and are part of my life as friends and definitely are there for me! It’s an amazing support system and environment that honestly everyone should experience at least once in a lifetime, or even just for a day!

L: Yes and No. My parents are supportive in whatever I do, whereas there are dreamstealers out there or people who do not believe in themselves. What kept me going forward is my goal towards financial freedom. There is no plan B. International Marketing Director or nothing.


Q7: Have you ever had to make a big sacrifice to stay in this business and if it is not too personal, would you share it with us?

H: I had to. I moved to a country where I do not even speak the language and did not know a single person, but I believed it will very well serve me in the long run both personally and in the business.
Biggest sacrifice I had to do is relates to my previous answer. My family was expecting me moving back home to Hungary after living a year in Thailand, they did not see my results and what exactly I am doing in Thailand or why I am here.  So I kinda sacrificed my family life for my business goals. On the other hand love found me here in Asia so we are working to deepen our relationship for a happily married family life.

L: 😎 I wont say it was really a sacrifice but I had to sell off my car as my “job” now doesnt require it. My team mates were laughing at me as I was taking the plane more often than the times I drove.

Q8: Helga you had a very interesting journey in the past couple years. You have traveled a lot, discovered new places…What kept you moving?

H: My desire. After leaving banking industry I knew I really wanted to find my purpose in life but I really didn’t know what I really wanted to do for a living. So all I did was, I followed my heart. That journey brought me back to the US and multiple other countries in Africa and Asia.


Q9: How many countries did you have the fortune to visit and what is your most favorite place ever?

H: Aah, too many to list of… Really! Each and any of the places I visited I cherish fondly memories so it’s very hard to pick any.  I truly love my first ever Asian Dreamtrip experiences in Angkor Wat, Cambodia but also our recent trip to Koh Tao with Louis was something taken with me forever!

L: I lost track of the number of times I travelled but my most memorable trip to date has to be a Dreamtrip to Santorini in Greece.I have never flew before in my life. That gives you an idea that i haven’t travelled at all before WorldVentures. But ever since joining the company, I am constantly traveling in and out of Singapore almost every single month.

Q10: Louis, I have heard many wonderful things about you and I know you have reached great success at a very young age. Congratulations, can you please tell us your secret formula?:)

L: Making Invitations, SMP (Show more people), attend training events and travel! Be an action taker. Act upon it immediately. Take massive action and go all out. Whatever we do in anything is what we do in everything. We only got one life to live. Its now or never. Hesitation and limited self-belief kill opportunities.

Q11: Have you ever felt like giving up? What kept you motivated?

H: I did question myself sometimes… But never felt like giving up.

L: Nope. Giving up never came across my mind. Only one direction towards International Marketing Director and there is no Plan B. My motivation is purely financial freedom. So that my family gets to live a different life and dreams that are unfulfilled to date will come to pass in their time.


Q12: Were you ever scared of the word “no”?

H: This word just simply does not exist in my dictionary. Whenever I am facing issues or hardships I always ask myself: “What else can I wish for? If not WV then what?” That keeps me grounded in finding a solution instead of focusing on the situation. Hard times are completely okay and only are there for a breakthrough and grow.

L: I love the word “No”. It saves me time and helps me move forward. We are constantly sorting out and looking for the right people.

Q13:  Do you ever run into people who have never believed in you and you proved them wrong? How does that feel?

H: I think there are always people out there that do not believe in you; but I never took it personally. Because its only a reflection of their limitation and current state of mind. I am the only one who is aware of my past, present and knows what I want to achieve in the future. What others think of me is none of my business.


Q14: Louis, did your life change since you made the decision to join this company?

L: Yes. I am a different man walking on planet earth now. I used to be financially and time broke. People used to laugh at me or or didn’t take me seriously. But ever since I joined WorldVentures, everything just clicked. I joined on Feb 2014, within 2 months, I resigned from my full-time job. I am full-time living right now. I believe both my friends and ‘dream stealers’ are very happy for me now.

Q15: Where do you see yourselves in 5 years?

H: I think I will be ready for parenthood by then. Becoming an International Marketing Director (IMD) with our company and helping my team to generate more IMDs

L: Double International Marketing Director.

Q16: Is there any good cause you would like to support one day? What is it and why?

H: For me having my own first newborn is important but cannot see my family complete without adopting orphans, from Kenya and Thailand. Parts of me are left in these countries…I have seen the circumstances and how they live. I have so much love and care for those kids and I believe if within the family we can share the same love with one another, raise them up as a family, the world can be a better place!

I am a Global Citizen, that tells a lot. The movement is supporting to “end poverty by 2030”. Also with our WV Foundation I can’t wait going to Guatemala to build a plastic bottle school in S – America. Hopefully within the next 1 -2 years ☺

L: Fund a purpose driven movie. Movie sends out messages to the masses.


Q17:  Helga, your birthday is coming up, do you guys have big plans ahead?

H: We had an incredible celebration. Louis surprised me staying at Marina Bay Sands, continued with photo shooting and ended up taking me to Ocean Restaurant; which was something outstanding. If you haven’t heard of it, I do recommend you to Google it and put it to your bucket list. At the end he showed me a video from international friends all around the world sending me their special wishes. It was very special and made me smile, cry and laugh in the same time.


I no longer have patience for certain things…

I love everything about this quote!!♥

Very interesting to see how a more mature adult sees the world after going through so many things. If we could only listen to these words and learn from them, we could save ourselves a lot of time, pain, and annoyance by “chasing” people that don’t deserve our attention, people who don’t appreciate what we do or what we have done for them in the past.


I admit I have wasted precious time of my life worrying about things I shouldn’t have worried about, tried to make peace with people that did not deserve it, and sacrificed a lot for some that were never thankful for it. Letting go of some friendships/relationships can be very hard even if they are toxic and manipulative but it is one of the most free-ing feelings…Spend time only with the ones that truly deserve, love and appreciate you!

♥ Have a good night! ♥