The random guy who made me realize how lucky I truly am

Coming out of a coffee shop yesterday¬†morning I didn’t even look up from my phone (gotta fix this horrid habit)… I had my coffee and I was finally warm, what else could I ask for? Then all of a sudden a rusty voice coming towards my direction got me out of my zombie zone so I looked up and I saw a guy cozied up at one of the tables, sipping on some dark coffee. He had some luggages by his feet and a big smile on his face…

He approached me to tell me that he makes and sells ‘dream catchers’ for a living and right now he is trying to make it to California from New Mexico. He told me a little bit about his story and while I was standing there listening, I realized something…we always want more and more, dream about the future and forget to live in the present. We dream about better cars, houses, a new iWatch and forget to stop and look around for a second. Sometimes I forget to be thankful for what I have, and how lucky I am for being healthy, having a home, and having loving family and friends around me. Here is this guy, he lost so many things, he has been through a lot but still didn’t give up. He is going somewhere else to create a better life for himself. Here he is with a gigantic smile on his face and loving life…and here I am getting sad about unimportant things, getting down on myself, worrying about the future … instead of realizing how far I have come and how much I have accomplished. We truly are the biggest critics and biggest enemies of ourselves. You have to talk to yourself like you are talking to a friend who is sad¬†and having a bad day…would you say those mean things to him/her that you sometimes tell yourself? Probably not…so start appreciating what you have and who you are and how far you have come!

Now thumbs up and enjoy life!