When Echo’s Path Crossed Ours <3

Last week Echo got a little sick and while I was at home with him, I couldn’t help but think about the first time I met him and the way his path crossed ours. I remember like it was yesterday. In one way, it was a snap decision because I got him while I was on a trip for work but the truth is that we were considering getting a dog for a long time.

We should get a dog – said the heart / Don’t be an idiot – over spoke the brain.

What a constant battle. We went through months and months of pro and con list writing, asking for other’s opinions, looking at puppy pictures on Pinterest (mostly me!!!)..etc.

I had to move to California for about two months but we agreed we will bring the topic up again when I get back. But then plans changed a little…

My roommate in California had a gorgeous husky and she was thinking about getting another one. Oh no…puppy fever is back… I, of course went with her to visit shelters because let’s be honest, I am not strong enough to stay home. We looked at photos online, talked about puppies for hours, it was heaven… but hell at the same time (Can we just adopt all these wonderful, button-nosed babies who are so desperately in need of a loving home?????).

And then one day I came across a picture of a tiny, dirty-white, fur ball. I knew we were in big trouble right away because that puppy had to be ours.

Echo’s Advertisement

We were looking for a small dog so we can travel with him/her easier. I called my husband right away, forwarded him the picture and he said let’s go and check out the puppy. The place was an hour away, I got there 30 minutes before closing time.

Oh gosh, what am I doing? – I thought as I was nervously standing in front of the door to see my little guy. Yes, he was my little guy and I felt it in my heart. It was a done deal.

They brought Echo out, he was twice as big as on the picture. All his siblings were adopted by 2.5 months but he was still here at 4.5 months old. I think he was waiting for us! ❤ Here is skinny, scared, little Echo the first time we met!

They put him on the ground and the little clumsy dog that I already had so much love for, started sprinting across the room, back and forth, he ran into my legs, wiggled his butt, playfully jumped around me, slipped on the floor, tripped in his own feet, stepped into a water bowl, tried to jump up on the bench but fell…he just couldn’t stop. My heart was full.

I love him – I whispered under my breath

I picked him up, but he couldn’t stop moving (Echo still has this ability up to this day). He was soft, warm and a true love bug.

I couldn’t take him home that night but my roommate and I went back to get him 2 days later. We prepared for the puppy’s arrival, went to Target to get a leash (that Echo destroyed in a month…and then he destroyed another one and another one), bowls, food, a toy! My roommate was truly the best and the biggest help throughout the entire time! She is one of the nicest people I have ever met! I am so thankful for her!

This was Echo’s first toy ever! A frog! I got him a frog because my friend’s nickname  (who I missed so terribly much and whose room I was living in) was frog.



I was in love with Echo from the first moment I saw that picture of him. It was so hard to go to work and leave him behind. In the mornings we spend some time out in the backyard. Echo loved his husky friend, Pepper!

I took so many pictures of him and kept sending it to my husband. Here is Echo sleeping, here is Echo eating, Echo laying down, Echo sitting, Echo breathing etc…

Look at that cute face ❤

Mom…I think i have to pee.

Echo loved sitting in front of the house watching people

Eventually we headed back to Arizona but had to make a stop half way there…Our first visit to PetSmart…or I mean…Puppy Heaven on Earth

The first morning after we got home…best friends right away!

and our very first hike that day. It was a short one, Echo was scared to walk far from the car but we got 0.5 miles in 😀 Oh, how things have changed since then haha

And the first bath time…Echo LOVES bath time. He used to go into the tub by himself after his first bath…

Echo is now a year and a half old, he is smart, quick, always happy, loves hiking and a huge advocate of unconditional love. He keeps giving every day and even though it is not easy to raise a dog, I am so happy we made the decision to get one. I am also very happy we didn’t do it earlier. Having a dog comes with a huge responsibility and I don’t think we were ready for it before but now I couldn’t imagine our lives without him.

Questions for you:

  1. Do you have any pets?
  2. Are you a cat or a dog person?

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