To Create a better me. Chapter 2/12 -How I fought back against my coffee addiction

Some says coffee is good for you, some says it is terrible for you. I am definitely one who says coffee is great for me…for my soul at least. I am  addicted to the taste and definitely I am addicted to the process of making coffee.

I tried to be artsy with this picture, it did not work out.


I love the smell that spreads around the house when I make coffee at home. I love to grab my little mug and sit down on the couch, while reading, working on the blog, watching TV…whatever…but slowly sipping on a warm cup of coffee. It is soooo great.


Especially when I am back home in Hungary, my dad usually makes coffee for my mom, sister, and I in the morning and comes upstairs to wake us up with a mug of freshly made coffee. Then we just sit in bed and talk …. sometimes for hours, sometimes for just couple minutes, but those times are always very valuable family times. It is the best ever. I drink my coffee with honey and a hint of creamer or if creamer is not available I use almond milk.

When I buy coffee in coffee shops though, I like the sugary, sweet, delicious – delicious lattes and mochas … which is a problem. So much added sugar, very little actual coffee. I know it is bad, I need to stop doing that or at least minimize those times…and this is how we arrive to my February challenge.

I tried to be artsy here too, this one worked out pretty well

Like I mentioned in my previous blog, How I fought back against my chocolate addiction, this year I am doing something new each month. Something that is good for my mind, for my body, and for my soul. In January, I did not eat chocolate at all, which helped me lose weight, and helped me decrease my chocolate cravings. I guess this means it was good for my body, but was it good for my mind? Sometimes I felt like I was going to lose it, so it is questionable… But back to the point:

In February, I did not drink coffee.

I started drinking a lot more green tea, instead of all the lattes and it not only helped my weight loss, but it was easy on my wallet too. But damn it was hard… I missed the process of making coffee, I missed the taste and I missed my little coffee mug…ha…I can’t use that mug for tea or orange juice or milk…nono…that little mug is designated for only coffee drinking.

What changed?

  1. I lost weight! – 3 pounds which I believe is the result of drinking less sugary coffees. I also worked out, but not more than usually and did not change my eating habits either. So I would like to think that is the reason…
  2. Saved money!  – Every time I said…if it wasn’t for the challenge, now I would get a coffee, I wrote down $4 in my phone…turnes out in a month that saved me $56…eeek

What I learned…

  1. When ordering coffee at coffee shops, ask for sugar free options
  2. Do not go to coffee shops too often. I set my monthly coffee shop budget for $15…must stay under that price. No exceptions.
  3. I really do enjoy coffee and I am definitely going back to my home made morning ritual
  4. I love green tea and white tea

So this is the conclusion I got out of my February challenge. These challenges are nice because they make me realize things I haven’t realized before and make me change towards a better and smarter ($56??? What the heck was I thinking) me.


Questions from me to you:

  1. What is your relationship with coffee?
  2. Do you prefer coffee or tea?
  3. How do you drink your coffee?


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