Weekend recap before the weekend


Oh my…it has already been a week again. Time flies. During the week usually we are pretty busy therefor we don’t have much time to go on hikes or make a big amount of breakfast and sit down to eat it but on the weekends we like to start the morning slow and then be active throughout the day.

Last Saturday did end up being pretty active.

Saturday morning I woke up with an urge to go to the gym. I took Echo out to take care of his business, we walked around the area and enjoyed the beautiful weather, then I changed and went over for a quick run and some weight workout. The weight room was empty, I love when that happens, so I jumped on the treadmill real quick…I turned on the TV and Gilmore Girls was on!! Oh how much I love that show! Luckily, I have seen it enough so it didn’t distract me from my workout too much! After the treadmill I jumped over to the elliptical and then did some weights. I was loving that I was the only one in there.

szombat workout

After I finished my workout, I went to the pool and just sat in quiet for a little while. I stretched on the sun and then went home. Ben was still asleep, so I decided to make some breakfast. I was craving ham and eggs and something sweet so I added a little peanut butter-banana toast on the side. Meanwhile, Ben woke up and he made a banana-bluberry smoothie to go with breakfast. Echo loves helping out in the kitchen, he is always under our feet (which I kind of love) but he functions great as a vacuum. Whenever I drop something, I barely have time to pick it up. That dog is fast!

szombat workout2

After breakfast we cleaned the apartment a little bit, it was much needed and then decided to go for a hike. Echo loves hikes because he has a tremendous amount of extra energy. He for sure keeps us very active too, which is a great thing!

szombat workout3

Oh I forgot to mention that Echo got a haircut a week before! He looked so hilariously funny. We couldn’t help but laugh at him. They left his body hair long but trimmed his face so there was a giant contrast between his entire body and his little face. His hair on his head was properly combed to the side too…I felt so bad for him…but now he is looking much better…he grew some of that crazy facial hair back that we love so much!


After getting home from our hike, we were a little exhausted. We took a shower and sat down to rest for a little bit. For afternoon snack I made some no flour banana protein pancakes…it sounds kind of yikes but I promise it was great. We topped them with cinnamon, yoghurt and blueberries and they tasted delicious!


I wish we could be more active throughout the week too, it feels great to move around and be outside in the great weather!

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