Mastering the art of sushi….or more like…stumbling through the art of sushi

I love sushi. I haven’t always loved sushi but around age 17 something changed and since then sushi and I are inseparable. Well, except that we don’t get sushi all the time so in a sense let’s just say sushi and I are inseparable like once every two to three months…but then…that one time…that beautiful 10 minutes while I eat both rolls of sushi that I carefully picked out from the menu hoping it would last longer this time but no…but it is okay. I guess I made peace with it…just like I made peace with the fact that I will pay more than I want to for that dinner and I will be hungry by the time I get home so I will have to start cooking dinner…I made peace. I did.


The other day we went to get sushi and we didn’t even leave the restaurant yet, we were already craving it again. So we realized it is time to start making our own sushi.

The other day Ben said he was going to check our mail box and then showed up 20 minutes later with a bunch of ingredients for sushi making. What an amazing surprise 🙂


While Ben was looking up instructions on his phone we tried to figure out how to roll the sushi up. We don’t have a bamboo mat so we used a towel and a cling wrap.


Cut up some delicious ingredients such as cucumbers, avocados, mangos, salmon and some cream cheese.


Unfortunately, I messed up one roll because I put too much ingredients in it and the seaweed broke in the middle but Ben did really well.


The rolls turned out nice and even though they were not perfect shape, they still tasted good 🙂


Sushi sushi sushi lots of lots of sushi….YUUUMMMMM ♥


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