To Create a better me. Chapter 1/12 -How I fought back against my chocolate addiction

I am not one for resolutions. I have never really believed in them. I am usually the person standing in the middle of the room watching others come up with their New Year resolutions and when they ask me what is mine I just say nothing really. They usually give me a resigned, weird look, sometimes even shake their heads but then they move on with their lives and I do too. No biggie.


Don’t get me wrong, I do change things up when they need to be changed, I just feel like someone has to have a very strong drive in themselves to make a serious change and that can come at other days during the year as well. My only problem with these December 31st resolutions is that I don’t think they last very long. Of course, all my respect to those who can go through with their resolutions for the whole year or for whatever period of time they agreed to do but I think the majority of people need to ease themselves into it. I feel like sometimes people make these resolutions because it is a New Year’s Eve thing to do, not because they really need to do it…they say it out loud, tell their friends about it, promise their parents and even go through with it for a couple weeks, but then it falls through. And I feel like it is kind of a general expectation of everyone that it will actually fall thorough…And I know I would do the exact same thing, when I would want to change something that I know should be changed but the need/must part is kind of missing still. And that is okay. I think this is normal.


How can one expect to go to the gym 6 times a week starting January 1st when he/she never set a foot in the gym before? Wouldn’t it be better to go maybe 2 times the first couple weeks and then increase the amount slowly?


Or how can someone expect to quit smoking one day to another when he/she has been a smoker for 35 years? How about first smoking 8 cigarettes instead of 10 a day and then slowly decrease the amount?

We want to earn the end result right away and don’t understand that real change requires a whole lot more and it won’t happen quick…but then again, we lose motivation because we still haven’t lost 20 lbs even though we went to the gym at least 5 times already…(this is my friend haha…i love you!)


I do too wanna change for the better, I have a whole lot to work on. Gosh, so much. I wanna become better and more every day. But how to make these changes without falling through a hole after a couple weeks?

  • I am addicted to chocolate. Chocolate is my kryptonite. I love it. I can’t help it. But I need to contain my love for chocolate.
  • In the morning I leave my empty water glasses on the night stand and at night I just grab another one to fill up with water and leave that on the night stand too the next morning and so on. I gotta take out those darn water glasses in the morning. I pass them a gazillion times a day. I am a pretty organized person besides that but I am a water glass hoarder.
  • I need to read more! I want to read more. It just became more comfortable to listen to music on the bus/train or turn on the TV at night time
  • A couple months ago a friend made me realize that I never read poems anymore…why the heck not? Why is it so alien for most of our generation to read, enjoy and understand a poem?
  • I need to comb my hair. I don’t do that very often. I got lucky because it is impossible to tell weather it is combed or not but still…c’mon me…what is next? Not showering?
  • I drink coffee…lately I have been drinking way too much coffee…and not even because I need it but because it is nice and warm and nice to sip on throughout the day. It is like a snack that lasts very long…but it doesn’t make me awake, if anything, it makes me anxious and nervous and shaky. Every time I drink coffee it makes me feel like I am about to take the biggest exam of my life…so why drink it? Just for the comfort? Grab a tea and drink that if you need to sip on something warm. Plus, getting coffee in the coffee shop is very expensive…it adds up pretty quick…I almost fell off my chair when I added the numbers up from the past month…waaaa


And the list goes on and on….there is a lot to work on…

So this year, for the first time in my life I made a commitment at New Year’s Eve. I decided that I will go slowly, step by step to achieve something small each month that can lead me towards a better lifestyle and a better me. This is what my January was about:

Chapter 1/12 – JANUARY 2016 – Fighting that darn chocolate addiction back

So this is when what I was talking about comes in the picture….I tried to quit eating chocolate forever before and I lasted for like a week (which did seem like forever at that point by the way). I tried to cut sugar out of my life, and lasted for like 3 hours. It doesn’t go that easy. Or at least not for me. I can’t just cut it out of my life all of a sudden because I will end up explaining myself why I actually need it back in my life. Especially with sugar…everything has sugar in it. A slice of bread has sugar in it…why?

But I can decrease the amount slowly and change it over to smarter and healthier options. This January I agreed not to eat any chocolate or candy but I could still make snacks or desserts as long as I made them with honey or agave syrup. So when I had a terrible craving, I whipped up something sweet and I just made it with honey. Or in the morning I was okay with having a cup of (real) orange juice even though it has a great amount of sugar in it….or I just sweetened my tea with honey! And these little things helped me through January and helped me stick to not losing my mind after a couple days and eating a jar of Nutella for dinner. The first two weeks were harder and after that it just got easier, the cravings weren’t as strong and they also happened less often.

So I made it through January. I could have jumped on some good old chocolate this morning but I wasn’t that into it and that is great. I will keep going like this. Of course, now if someone offers a piece of chocolate I can accept it (this month I hurt some feelings with denying some home made cookies and once even a Hungarian Turo Rudi which almost broke me but then I went to the bathroom and cried for a little bit and it was much better after).

I learned that with letting myself adjust on one side (by eating sweets made with honey etc) I can shift my terrible habit into a better direction slowly and it is okay to cheat sometimes and have a spoonful of Nutella. I learned that I could say no to chocolate, once I was 100% committed and I learned lots of new and different ways to please my sweet tooth.

Now that it is February, I am up for my next challenge!


Question time:

  1. Did you make any resolutions this year?
  2. Are you still lasting or you ended up breaking them?
  3. Either way why do you think that is?





7 thoughts on “To Create a better me. Chapter 1/12 -How I fought back against my chocolate addiction

  1. My resolution was to act decisively and to take small steps towards the main goal: a profitable business in 2016 after spending time restructuring it. There are ups and downs- and that is planned in. This way a bad day doesn’t make for a bad week. For the chocolate addiction part – I know what You mean. I introduced chocolate spread for vacation time only for my family, and in my country, Norway, sweets are reserved for saturday evening. Nice blog You have !


    1. Thank you so much!! And good luck with your business. What type of business is it? Never mind, I just checked out your website! It looks very interesting! 🙂 Patience is very important for sure. There will be better days and there will be tough ones, and as long as you don’t lose your motivation during the tough ones, you are on your way to succeed 🙂
      Only Saturdays? It is probably a good way to do it! haha Very smart Norway! 🙂


  2. no not really new years resolutions, goals though…like you I dont really believe in resolutions and its just a traditional thing to blow them off after a couple of weeks….but yes I have done so far my goal…and still at it 😀


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