Weekend recap

Friday afternoon was perfect for a walk, it was surprisingly warm outside and I really wanted to take advantage of the good weather before all the snow hit us again…so after work I decided to walk around a little bit and take some pictures of the view. It was nice and quiet, I was loving it…oh how much I am gonna miss this


After the walk, we went to do a little bit of grocery shopping. I feel like we run out of groceries way too fast, I don’t know if it just us or this is the case with everyone but it is driving me crazy. I always expect the food last for 2-3 weeks but then in 1.5 weeks all is gone…hooooooooooooow? Hoooow in the world????? 😀


Feels like the healthiest grocery shopping we have ever done!

The other day I found a recipe on The Big Man’s World (You can check it out here and while you are checking that out, scam through his blog, he shares awesome recipes and has a great sense of humor. All his writings are very enjoyable!) about some no bake banana bread bites. I got very excited because:

  1. It is a dessert
  2. The recipe seemed simple and quick enough!
  3. It is a dessert
  4. It is a healthy dessert!!!YAY!


First I chilled the mix in a casserole dish because I was a little lazy to roll them into small balls at that point but after letting them cool down for 20 minutes, I got on the project. The only thing I changed was that I added chia seeds to the mix and some coconut flakes because I couldn’t make it with chocolate. 😦

We started Saturday morning nice and early. Tennis got cancelled because of the weather conditions, but Echo woke us up around 8 o’clock anyways haha There goes sleeping in out the window…:D I decided to make some smoothies to help us mourn the loss of that extra 3 hours of sleep…it helped a little.


(Recipe: 1 banana, Almond-Coconut milk, honey, chia seeds, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and cinnamon)

In the afternoon we went to play board games with some friends in downtown and kind of ran into the middle of a winter festival. We had an extra 25-30 minutes to spare so we looked around a little bit. Grabbed a hot coffee and we checked out the free ski and snowboard lessons, the ice-skating rink, the snowshoe area, and the slides.


We met up with friends in a bar, grabbed some drinks and played a round of Puerto Rico. None of us really played this game before so it took us a little time before we got the hang of it, but it was tons of fun and the place was amazing! The bar tender kept stopping by to help us out with the game, he looked like he knew it very well 😀


We closed Saturday with some sushi for dinner. I personally have been craving sushi for a very long time so we decided to go out to grab some…oooh mighty, lordy, georgeous, wonderful, delicious sushi, how much I have missed you!!!!


We decided to watch another Oscar nominated movie, this time we watched Steve Jobs. Have you seen it yet? It wasn’t my favorite. It had amazing actors in it and I think it started out well, I really enjoyed the first scene, how they jumped right into the middle of everything, but then I found it to be a little slow…I don’t know…not the best. What do you think?


For a movie snack we made a fruit bowl, it was light and kind of refreshing after all the sushi.



How was your Saturday? Hope you all had a wonderful and relaxing time!



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