Date night with my main squeeze, Echo

Date nights are amazing. I love date nights. Doing something different, going for a long walk, having a nice, unusual dinner, watching a movie…lots of, lots of fun. It makes the time stop for a little bit and you can put all your worries and to-do lists aside and just enjoy each other’s company.

This time, date night was a little different for me. My date was a 20 lbs (9kg), 6 months old, crazy little boy, who stole my heart 2 months ago when I found him in California. His fluffy face, huge eyes, and sweet – sweet personality made me fell in love with him, and even when he gets a little crazy and out of control, I still love him more and more every single day.

Dude, dude, crazy dude

Ben had to go on a day trip Wednesday afternoon and got back on Thursday, so it was just Echo and I that night.

We had quite a busy day, because right after work I had to take him to puppy class. He is almost a puppy class graduate which makes me think that they probably just give out those diplomas to anyone haha… nah…he deserves it. He is very smart and very good at a lot of things…he learned and matured a lot in the past two months, but he is still a puppy so if he sees a leaf falling off a tree, no one will be able to control him, and he will go and check it out from a closer view.

After puppy class we went to Whole Foods to get dinner and kombucha for my stomach. Kombucha is something that you either love or hate..and based on my experiences most people tend to be on the hater side. I can drink the plain ones too, but I think the ones that have extra flavor added to them are delicious and definitely worth a try for even the haters, especially knowing about all their wonderful health benefits, such as stronger immune system, improved digestion, reduced joint pain, detoxification, and weight loss! (Echo didn’t try it, don’t worry!)


Kevita kombuchas are non-GMO, vegan, gluten free, and have no added sugar in them! My favorite was the lavender melon flavor! It is so refreshing and deliciously bubbly. I would think it is a great soda (pop) substitute as well, if you are craving a soda drink… try kombucha first!

I was very tired mentally by the end of the day so after sitting down for an hour and doing some more work I decided that I can’t go any longer. Echo and I went downstairs and took a nice little walk before dinner.

Echo enjoys being outside a lot, especially now that the weather is so nice…actually, he likes snow as well… to be honest, now that I think about it he doesn’t really care weather it is snowy, cold, raining…he just loves to be outside and to be free…


After dinner we decided to make something to snack on, so we made a cookie/giant muffin in which we substituted sugar and flour with honey and bananas. We added some chia seeds, baking soda, cinnamon, yoghurt and some blackberries to the mix and tossed it in the oven. We were watching it bake for a little bit while warming up next to the oven and having some deep deep conversations about life 😀 but then I felt like our conversations were a little one sided, Echo is a great listener but pretty opinion-less when it comes to big decisions, so I put on some Gilmore Girls to watch…we stayed on the floor though because it turned out to be a pretty good spot where we could enjoy the warmth and also the delicious smell of the freshly baked cookie.


The cookie turned out delicious! We went on another walk and worked out together a little bit. Did some running on the walk and did squats and push ups when we got back to the apartment…then we laid down on the couch to hang out a little longer before bed time…


Date nights are great, but then your date passes out next to you and starts snoring! 🙂

So this was our little alone time. We really missed Ben, the apartment seems so empty when he is not around, but it was nice to hang out with this furry-fluffy-crazy dude.


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