Weekend adventure recap…

Well hello, I am back from a pretty busy weekend. A weekend of fun, adventures, and lots of lots of learning…


I spent the weekend in Florida, like I said before. I was super excited to leave the cold weather behind for a little bit and experience warmth. Well this started out with me getting to Orlando in the middle of a tornado warning haha Knowing my luck, I wasn’t even surprised 😀 Got to the airport around 9 o’clock in the morning and decided to wait at the airport for some friends and also for the end of the storm…when we left around 3 pm the weather was much better and it didn’t look like it rained at all.


Palm trees and sun… I could handle our winters better if they looked like this! But I think i would miss the snow…

After arriving and meeting some friends form Hungary and Singapore, we decided to go and check out Wonderworld. Probably most Americans know what I am talking about, but for my people back home, it is an upside-down house 🙂 Yes, upside-down…like this:

IMG_2947 Upside-down…

After checking it out, because for us this is something we HAD to check out and take 700 pictures with it, in front of it, next to it, by it….while the local people passed us with a very dark look on their faces, shaking their hands thinking…tourists…get out of our way. We are going to party!

Luckily everything was pretty close, even our hotel, which was no more than 20 minute walk away from the Convention Center where we spent most of our weekend! I met so so many new people and got to have a little glimpse into their every days, culture and way of looking at the world! Which to be honest is my most favorite thing ever…


…we had a good time laughing, enjoying the nice weather and hanging out…


The hotel we stayed at was pretty nice, I was loving the colorful and weird looking chairs and design throughout the building.


Those giant pink booths haha I LOVED THEM…I need one at home 😀 (I think my sister would like them too 🙂 ) They are so subtle…NOT…

During lunch break we usually walked around the area which of course was extremely busy with all the 22,000 people that we had in the arena…didn’t matter that there were gazillion restaurants around, it was packed everywhere. On the second day we were walking around and saw this on the sky:


We had no idea what this could have been. What are you trying to say??????? I mean it is very impressive and I am sure this is hard to do but kinda pointless when no one gets it haha Any ideas?????

The third day was a little chilly and rainy again but when I say chilly it is still around 45 degrees which is not that bad especially after you experienced one or two Chicago winters before. Of course the local people dig out their Columbia jackets and UGG boots from the bottom of the closet…needless to say I had mine on too…but I am always cold so nothing new there.


At the end of the third day we all went to EPCOT – Walt Disney World. The company rented it out for us for the closing party, which was very nice because it was just us in the entire park…and nice to get into places like this for free haha


At night time it did get a lot more cold, so we got some complimentary food and hot drinks…pretzels, mac and cheese balls, hot tea and coffee…yum yum yum


We were at EPCOT until 1 am and I had to go to the airport around 3 am the latest so didn’t really sleep much that night haha I slept through my first flight and started watching a movie called, You’ve got mail on the second one (which is so adorable, I love Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan) but I was too tired to stay awake so after the first 20 minutes I passed out…haha I travel to places but I never remember how I get there 😀 😀

So the weekend was pretty tiring but it was plenty of fun. The time flew by unfortunately, but I can’t wait for the next time we meet again!

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