After traveling all night…

…I made it to Orlando! Yaaay….sunshine, heat, beautiful weather, palm trees…..NOT….rain, cold, wind, tornado warning… haha bummer.

Excuuuuse me?

Oh well, there is literally nothing that could destroy my mood and excitement (well…maybe the tornado could :D) about this upcoming weekend in crazy windy Orlando. I am here to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the travel club that I am part of and we travel with. I have met so many people through this club but I either rarely see them or haven’t even met them in person yet.

I left at 7pm to go to the airport, even tho it meant I would get there hours before my plane left. It is better to be safe than sorry and I didn’t want to risk missing my plane and the weekend! I have books, my computer and phone, I will be well entertained I thought, but the airport was actually busier than I expected so it was easy to stay awake.


I took my sweet little time before checking in, grabbed a yogurt and a drink that said: green tea which was delicious but I bet it had nothing to do with green tea…like…absolutely nothing but it had a lot to do with water and sugar and green coloring 😀


The first flight to Atlanta was very fancy! Had wifi, USB plug in and very good and recent movies. I knew I was going to fall in and out of sleep so I put on Pitch Perfect 2, something I have seen gazillion times before so it was okay to miss half of it haha

I woke up when the plane landed and felt like a zombie. My eyes were hurting, my back was numb, my feet were swollen…what the heck? I went straight to the bathroom, washed my face, got terrified from seeing how red and bloody my eyes were and then went to catch my connection.

I had to wait for about 20 minutes before they started boarding everyone….but then of course…when boarding starts, this starts:

“I look at my boarding ticket: “group 1” …Yesyesyes… I am gonna board in 5 minutes. Then they first called executive club. Then executive club platinum members, then executive club gold and silver, then executive club smile face-little star members, then executive club double smile-two thumbs up-only people with red shirt on members, then priority seating, then every woman except for the Hungarian girl in the white sweatshirt, then dogs, cats, parrots and then they called “group 1″ and there I was… Representing group 1 by myself with another guy whose ticket said: group 3…. He probably won’t make it.”


Well, eventually I made it, sat down, passed out, woke up, got off the plane and here I am haha Unfortunately there is a tornado warning outside, so the weather is not the best, but soon I am about to meet some people that I have been waiting for months to meet. Hopefully the weather will clear out a little bit and we can all enjoy a little bit of sun and warmth.

The Orlando airport is super fun. The stores are my kind of stores, haha, such as Disney, Sea World, Universal-Harry Potter and NASA themed. I walked and looked around a little bit, I wish every airport had these stores 😀


I really miss Ben and Echo. I am excited about the weekend, but I wish they could be here with me.



to be continued…

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