Make sure to focus on who you are..

All the motivational quotes and pictures I post are a reminder for myself as well, but I bet lots of us could use them. We like to focus on who we are not, instead of appreciating who we are.


Whenever I think about New Year resolutions, I usually think about weight loss, more work outs, no sugar etc., but besides all the above, how about trying something new? How about starting to appreciate ourselves more and focus on all the good things that happen to us and all the good we already are?

Everyone is great at something!

Are you a kind person? Are you the one who makes everyone laugh and brings joy to their lives? Are you a good listener? A great friend? A wonderful cook? A fantastic mother? … but you are a little overweight? Do you wish to have better memory? You wish to have more muscles? You wish to quit smoking or drinking? You can work on all that! Instead of sitting and thinking about it, start doing it! But while you are doing that, don’t forget to appreciate who you really are and what you are good at!

Stop focusing only on what you wish to be and believe that you are awesome already! This will give you confidence and will help you reach your new goals too! 🙂

Let’s do this together people!!! 🙂

To a more positive way of thinking! Cheers!

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