Fruit bowl, just like how my mom makes it!

I don’t know if you feel the same way, but I am absolutely “desserted-out”…I can’t even look at chocolate, cookies or any kind of sweets anymore. There were just way too many delicious cookies around me this Christmas and my willpower failed me big time. I am not saying this state of my life will last long, but right now my body is craving ONLY healthy food.


So the other day I made my mom’s fruit salad as a late night snack. She used to make this all the time and I can’t believe I forgot about it. It is a pretty simple recipe but such an interesting combo of flavors and also a very-super-amazingly healthy way of snacking…oh aaand on top of that it is delicious over the summer, when it is burning hot outside and you can cool yourself down with an ice-cold bowl of fruit salad…ours was not ice-cold this time…because it is ice-cold outside…those two don’t match.

Prep time is about…hmmm.. 5 minutes 😀


 orange juice




Optional: kiwi and/or mangoes


(yes, I did completely forgot about the bananas, even though they were sitting on the table next to me 😀 )


Grab a large bowl, cut up all the fruit into smaller pieces and then toss them into that large bowl that you just grabbed. Put the orange juice in the bowl until it covers up all the fruit…aaaand you are done. Let it sit for a while so the tastes combine and enjoy your healthy dessert.

(the amount depends on how much of it you really wanna make, I cut up 2 apples and 2 oranges and that was enough for two people)



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