“Happy Jar” Contest! Make your own happy jar, send me a picture of it and win a little care package!

I saw a post one day about an idea to start the year with an empty jar and fill the jar up with happy memories. Anytime something great happens to you, just write it down on a piece of paper and drop it in the jar! At the end of the year, you can open the jar, take out the notes and see how many great things have happened to you!


How great is that?

I sometimes make the mistake of focusing on the bad things and forget to see/remember the good ones. This fantastic idea could start a fun tradition of sitting down around the table at the end of the year with family, friends, a hot drink and reflect on the good memories together 🙂 Even if you feel like your year went terribly, sitting down, opening your notes will help notice the small things that have helped brightening your days!


Life is filled with small , happy moments, kind gestures that we do for others and that others do for us and we sometimes forget about those little fantastic moments because of the crazy everydays. Here is a pretty fun way to remember them and to teach ourselves how to focus on the positive things over the negative ones!

I encourage you to make your own jar and if you do, please post a picture below and share it with us!! 🙂

Our Happy Jar!


I got the jar in Target for $3.


Got some markers to make the “Happy Jar” sign a little more colorful


Echo was very nice and offered his help…he did great with chewing on the pens, licking our ears, knocking the jar off the table and so on! A fantastic little helper he is!



If you made a jar, please

  • post a picture of it below in the comment box or
  • email me a picture of it to howiadult87@gmail.com or
  • post it to instagram under #happyjar and make sure to let me know about it @howiadult87 and
  • win a little christmas package put together by me!!!

Can’t wait to see all your beautiful happy jars!!!!

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