Tourists’ Guide to Tipping…

Eeek…wrong tipping can cause some uncomfortable conversations and can result in looks that burn a hole in the back of your head…especially in foreign countries where you don’t know what you are doing…and trust me you don’t wanna piss off some crazy Hungarian taxi drivers 🙂 Well…  It is always nice to know what the rules and expectations are in the country you are headed to!!!

Sometimes you can think you are being super generous and you end up insulting the heck out of people…and then you won’t understand why they start yelling at you suddenly switching from English to their own language which makes it even more scary and then your experience will be completely ruined and then you start crying and people start watching and some even filming you and laughing at you and you are just standing their like….I wanna go home…do you want this to happen to you??? Do you???? Do youuuuu??????

BETTER BE PREPARED, so cruise through this little chart and save it for the travel days 😀


And if you really wanna go into details, click on and find your country of destination!!!

And as a bonus here are some hilarious tip jar pictures:

 funny-tip-jar-6 images-2 images Lmfao_dc552a_2527965 f1d441c05c73522b3410a7880ab399d6 4d70b222628a74dcdd7f6669d49e4ce0

Hope it was helpful, now you can go out to the world and be very confident that if they start yelling at you…it is not because of your tip!!! 😀

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