Echo was a good boy this year so Santa got him some delicious snacks…European Style

December 6th is Saint Nicholas Day!!! Best day ever as a child! Growing up we always grabbed our favorite boots the night before, cleaned them, and put them by the door so over night while we are asleep Santa can pack those boots with delicious snacks…this of course if we were good that year…if we were bad then instead of sweets we got a “virgacs” (no idea what this is in English) from the Krampus…which is the mean to Santa’s nice.

“Virgacs” for the naughty ones

So Echo, being a good boy in all his 5 months of being alive, he got some delicious treats from Santa. He was kind of getting impatient while I was taking the picture so he started “opening” the bag himself 😀 He is loving his new chicken&cheese treats!


Hope everyone had a good December 6th!!!!


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