Echo’s First Adventure

Leaving beautiful, sunny California was a little tough, but Echo and I were really excited to get home finally. I will miss my morning time by the beach, since watching the sunrise with a warm coffee and breakfast has became my absolute favorite activity.


Nothing beats this view… it is so calming and relaxing to listen to the waves… 🙂

Echo and I said our final goodbyes and took a little break in front of the house to relax and get ready for the 10 hour drive that was ahead of us! (10 hours seemed sooo long…usually after two hours of driving, I am like: phew…barely made it, so 10 hours worried me a little)


I didn’t really know what to expect from Echo on the way home…he is only 4 months old and a long trip like this can be a little hard on him, so just to be safe I made sure I have everything I need, to prepare for the worst:

  • extra towels
  • baby wipes
  • paper towel
  • pooping bags
  • water and food bowls
  • hand sanitizer and lotion – this was for me…not for Echo…obviously


I didn’t want to stop too many times for food so I packed some snacks that could help me through the drive…I packed so much food that I could have survived a two week trip but oh well….I tried to pick somewhat healthy options, such as dried apricots and mangos , peanut butter and crackers, carrots, and some kombucha to drink and keep me fresh!!!

IMG_0897 IMG_0898 IMG_0896 IMG_0901 IMG_0906

We got on the road during a pretty busy time of the day (not so smart of me) so we got into traffic which added an extra 2 hours to our already long trip…yikes…



After getting through traffic I felt like I was done with the trip already and since it had been 2 hours, I felt bad for Echo so we stopped at a shopping area… we got out of the car, walked around a little bit and we found a PetSmart…Echo sat down in front of it and watched other dogs and people walking in and out wandering about all the delicious snacks that awaits inthere 😀



We ended up grabbing him a chew toy but after that it was my turn…we walked over to Starbucks and I got a coffee…they asked me what size and I said as big as possible because we are at the beginning of a 10 hour drive so they looked at me and said: you should probably get an energy drink as well… so I ended up with these two! It was so much caffein that I pretty much ended up seeing sounds after finishing them 😀


We got back on the road, I turned up the music, started singing…and drove


and drove….


And then drove….


We stopped to have a bathroom break and to be honest due to my venti sized coffee and energy drink we had to stop more because of me and not because of the 4 months old puppy in the car, as I originally thought it was gonna happen…if anything Echo was giving me the stink eye saying…really woman???? You gotta stop again?

But after taking care of business we got back in the car and drove….


and drove a little longer…


And then we finally arriveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed!!!!!!

At this point…around 4 or 5 am I forgot to take a celebratory arrival picture but we made it home safely and settled in. Echo sniffed around for a couple minutes but he was pretty worn out from the trip and fell asleep really quick.

The next morning came way too early, we had to get up at 8 o’clock but getting some breakfast and eating real food after so many snacks was a big enough consolation…:D



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