Welcome to the family Echo!

Our next step in the process of growing up/adulting was to get a puppy and learn the responsibility that comes with it! It has been a lot of work and an interesting journey… 😀

Ben and I decided to get a dog. Originally we wanted to adopt an older one that is already potty trained and a little less clumsy but when we saw Echo we couldn’t leave him behind.


Echo is a cockapoo which is a cocker spaniel and poodle mix. Cockapoos are very intelligent, high energy dogs, super friendly and family centered, great therapy dogs (who knows maybe little Echo can help someone one day). Neither of us had a small/medium sized dog before, Echo will be 20-25 lbs max which is around 9-10 kg. Ben’s family had Great Pyranees while he was growing up and I am a German Shepherd fan but right now we live in an apartment so we can’t really torture those gigantic dogs in such a small place. So we talked about what we are looking for in a dog:

  • medium size, adopts well to apartment living
  • smart
  • friendly, people-oriented
  • energetic and good with water
  • low-shedding
  • good with going on adventures and hikes

And cockapoos were matching all of these qualities…We didn’t get him from a breeder so we don’t really know much about his parents but he had 7 other siblings that got adopted really fast after someone brought them in… this little guy got left behind for 4 months but I think it is because he was waiting for us…

He loves his little froggy friend
He loves his little froggy friend and lays down just like the frog

We have been thinking about this for a long time now, wether to get a dog or not…Of course I have my doubts but I think that is normal. I had dogs growing up but was never the one who raised them. I played with them, picked up after them and fed them, but my parents were in charge. Now Ben and I are in charge and having all the responsibility is a little scary. We wanted to have a little adventure buddy that comes with us on hikes, that we take on road trips and that is our friend throughout everything. We wanted to have a little fur ball running around, spreading love  and happiness.

He passes out randomly, at random places in random positions
He passes out randomly, at random places, in random positions

But I gotta admit it is hard!! Echo cried a lot the first couple nights (I put him down in his crate and left him alone which I felt terrible about, but he has to learn to sleep alone), he wakes up at 5 sometimes and ready to take over the world, he is semi-potty trained so he still has accidents (which is normal and we never yell at him for it, but take him outside more often so he gets used to doing his business there), he bites on everything (including his leash, my hands, nose, ears…hair), he barks at falling leaves because he gets scared of them…yes…falling leaves….and because it is fall, it happens often. 😀  I think at this point he should just stop being surprised by it 😀 I have been burped on, drooled on, got stepped on the face, he stepped in pee and then jumped on my lap and so on haha But each day he is getting better and smarter and understands more. It is awesome to see how much he already learned just in a week 😀

He loves to lay down on my feet
He loves to lay down by my feet which is very sweet

I know he is going to be a fantastic dog when he matures a little bit and grows up but it will take some time and a bunch of patience. But isn’t that the same with children?… just even more intense I guess.

He tried to sneak out from his safe area in the middle of the night but got stuck half way...he know he is busted
He tried to sneak out from his safe area in the middle of the night but got stuck half way…his face is like: darn it, I am busted!

I also don’t mind that I have to learn to be more responsible for someone who is 100% dependent on me. I have so much to learn about taking care of a little creature and even though it is very hard and takes bunch of energy, I think it is good for all of us in the household. I want to learn and I want to get better at it. I don’t mind doing housework, I love cooking for Ben and making sure our home is clean and well organized, I really enjoy doing these things (and Ben is great at helping also) but he is pretty good at going to the bathroom on his own so it is a different kind of responsibility and caring 😀

He loves watching cars and people going by
Echo loves watching cars and people going by

Echo is very smart, he learns quickly. He learned how to sit and lay down in two days. We love him and hopefully he will be a great adventure and travel buddy in the future.

♥More about Echo in the future!♥


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