Just keep moving forward…

Uhm…well…hello, so easy, so simple, makes perfect sense, then why is it so damn hard to do? I am going to print this quote out and put it on the fridge…because that is probably the place that gets the most traffic in our house anyways:D


Good old Johnny Depp knows what’s up. The worst feeling is looking back and thinking…I wish I had the courage to do what I wanted to, instead of listening to others. I have been there, you probably have been there, everyone has been there…when you want to do something but decide not to do it because you are worried what other people might say…aaaand slowly convince yourself that of course they are right about this and you talk yourself out of the whole thing. Well, big mistake.big.huge.


Those missed opportunities became the biggest regrets of my life because I made a decision based on other people’s opinion. How would they know what is good for me? They don’t live my life. They don’t pay my bills. They don’t know what they are talking about. They just like to judge and put me down to lift themselves up.

Make the decision that is best for you and your loved ones. If you run into people who laugh at you and don’t believe in you, prove them wrong. Work twice as hard and lift up your chin and be proud of your choice. It is easy to judge others, it is hard to support them…stick with the friends who support your dreams, help you build them and no matter how many times you fail, they will still be by your side.

Fight for your dreams and never let them go just because of someone else’s opinion, who might not even be part of your life in the future.

Now go and get your dreams! 🙂

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