Leaving Better Children For Our Planet….

Today’s quote is going to come hand-in-hand with a little venting so I apologize for that in advance. (Respect for everyone, who is an exception from what I am going to talk about)

I was sitting at a coffee shop yesterday and had the great “luck” to listen to some 13-14 year old children’s conversation. After 10-15 minutes I felt like this:


First of all, the entire time they were cursing…but let’s not get stuck on that. They sat down and threw their stuff all over the place which was very inconvenient for everyone else in the shop. They were loud the entire time and were talking about girls in their school in a very disturbing way. Again these are 13-14 year old guys!!!!!!!! After they got up they left all of their trash on the table even though they were supposed to clean that up. They were disrespectful with others, with girls and just everyone in general.

My first though was “Wow, these people will grow up and have jobs, and have girlfriends, and kids…” My kids will have to hang out with kids like them, work with them, interact with them. My girls will have to date people like them!!!! What the hell is going on?


Why can’t we raise kids who respect others, who talk kindly and gently about/to girls, who open the doors for women, who care about animals, who clean up after themselves, who give their seat to an elderly person on the public transport and who respect everyone despite their financial situation?

We live in such a materialistic world, having the best and most expensive things became more important than anything else… these kids had better phones than I do, wore expensive clothes and thought everyone else in the place was there for their convenience…but they could barely form an intelligent sentence and thought their behavior was normal???!!!!

It is absolutely terrifying and makes me sad that this is the future generation…


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