I no longer have patience for certain things…

I love everything about this quote!!♥

Very interesting to see how a more mature adult sees the world after going through so many things. If we could only listen to these words and learn from them, we could save ourselves a lot of time, pain, and annoyance by “chasing” people that don’t deserve our attention, people who don’t appreciate what we do or what we have done for them in the past.


I admit I have wasted precious time of my life worrying about things I shouldn’t have worried about, tried to make peace with people that did not deserve it, and sacrificed a lot for some that were never thankful for it. Letting go of some friendships/relationships can be very hard even if they are toxic and manipulative but it is one of the most free-ing feelings…Spend time only with the ones that truly deserve, love and appreciate you!

♥ Have a good night! ♥

5 thoughts on “I no longer have patience for certain things…

  1. Ilyen felismeréseink nekünk 40 fölött lettek. Te nem csak az érzéseidet, hanem az eszedet is használod! Az élet már sokszor bizonyította, hogy ez nagyon is bejön! Büszkék vagyunk rád!

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