Underwood Family Farms – Harvest Fest & The Day I Fell in Love with Fall All Over Again

I have always really liked fall but never participated in any kind of fall activities before. I heard about pumpkin harvest, and corn maze and it always seemed like everyone was having plenty of fun with it, but the other day I finally got to experience it.

My friend Jaclyn and her son Jace took me to my first harvest fest ever and it was a blast!


I have never been exposed to so many different type of pumpkins before, they are kind of crazy/awesome lookin’


The entire entrance area was filled with different pumpkins, fruits, vegetables…just loved the fresh scent and the whole environment…. IMG_0319

After we got our tickets and stamps by the entrance…


We had to get a little cart for our future pumpkins and for Jace to sit in. He was loving the ride, he was smiling and waiving at other kids the whole time!IMG_0321IMG_0360

We went to feed some donkeys and alpacas!!! We had to use a tube though… we just dropped the carrots down and the delicious snack landed in their mouth…They were looking at me like: “Woman!!!!!? Are you ever gonna drop that carrot or what?

IMG_0324 IMG_0329 IMG_0334

After that we stopped by the petting zoo where Jace was able to pet and brush some goats, ducks, and chicken…He is such a gentle little guy, he made sure he won’t hurt any of the animals!

IMG_0346 IMG_0343 IMG_0338

It was a very hot day, those poor little goats were searching for shade and if they found one, there was no way they were gonna leave it.

IMG_0337 IMG_0341

After the petting zoo we went to check if there were any pickable blackberries … we found a couple but it wasn’t a big success…unfortunately, it is not that time of the year…looks pretty empty, huh?

IMG_0388 IMG_0386

Jaclyn picked out two pumpkins and Jace made sure they were safe and sound next to him in the cart


We saw duck and pig race tracks but unfortunately we missed the race…. boo

IMG_0364-2 IMG_0350 IMG_0351

How about some corn maze?:)

IMG_0382 IMG_0381

We made a new friend: this is Larry….Larry is very handsome, a little shy and quiet but a great listener!


Larry didn’t tell us much about himself but we can only assume this is where he lives.  😀 He has his own pumpkin house…good for Larry


Let’s see more pictures of the area. I absolutely loved the view and the mixture of these colors.

IMG_0394 IMG_0389 IMG_0384

First time in my life I tried kettle corn and yes I loved it 😀


But when I got home around 1 o’clock I was staaaarving so I made myself some healthy spinach-cheese pizza..haha The colors were kind of matching the pumpkin/fall theme.


I loved our little morning time, the whole area was so cute and family oriented, very laid back and chill. I hope to get back there another time soon!

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