My trip to California in Pictures

Have you ever seen the movie “The Holiday”? Well, I feel like I have been living it a little. My friend had to go back to Hungary for a couple weeks so we made a deal that I would come to California to house and job sit for her.

I left Monday afternoon, my first flight was out of this cute little airport…that is it, wall to wall, can’t wait to see the size of the plane 😀

Cute little airport, isn't it? This is all...wall to wall...can't wait to see the size of the plane:)

I was looking for a quiet little corner where I could charge my phone and computer and sit down a little to calm my nerves. I was getting a little worried about my trip in the morning and after Ben dropped me off at the airport, I think it hit me that I am doing this all alone. I found this cute little area to sit down at…and I think I fit in there 100%…gotta love the planet carpet…at least I can say I was sitting on the top of Saturn for 45 minutes


When it was time I packed up my stuff and went through security which approximately took 4 minutes…probably an all time record…I am very proud of it! It was boarding time soon and we made our way to the plane…and as you can see the plane was just a tiny little guy. Looking at this picture I am like: How the heck did all of these people even fit on it?


Then I got bored standing in line waiting so I turned around and took a picture of the view…but there wasn’t much happening behind my back either so the boredom continued…but at least the sky was very clear and blue


Honestly I do not remember a minute of my flight, I fell asleep before we took off and I woke up when we landed…But as you can tell…it was very cozy in there


I had a layover in Phoenix for an hour and a half so I had time to walk around and take some pictures of the view


Bye bye Phoenix…


The next flight wasn’t too long either which was very upsetting because I couldn’t finish watching my Grey’s Anatomy episode 😀 But I had time to take pictures!! (Surprisingly all the pictures I have ever taken from a plane from above the clouds are very similar looking) But these clouds remind me of my childhood dreams…jumping on clouds and running around on the top of them. Just imagine, it would be so much fun!!!!!!


It is crazy how quickly I made it to California this time. It almost seemed like that the ride from the airport to the house was longer than the first half of my trip. Edit’s friend was kind enough to come to the airport and pick me up.

I haven’t really had the chance to discover the area yet but I will get to that too.

So for now I am back on the tennis court again and so far it has been lots of fun!


I have been enjoying getting my tennis short tan line back…oh how much I missed that thing…not 😀

Between lessons I had time to go to the beach the other day. I was just sitting/walking on the beach for hours, staring at the ocean and didn’t even realize the time passing by . Listening to the waves is such a calming experience. There is nothing like it.


I walked around the area a little bit, I love this neighborhood by the beach

IMG_0106 IMG_0103 IMG_0105

Around 2 pm I realized that I haven’t had food all day, so I stopped by a coffee shop and got a turkey-cranberry wrap and a green tea latte (because I just couldn’t resist). I wanted to type up and post my beach experience right away so I opened up my computer but they didn’t have wifi in the coffee shop…


…which actually turned out nice because I ended up putting the computer away, grabbed my book and read for like an hour and then went back to teach tennis.

Tonight I will for sure sleep very well. I am very tired so I can’t wait to curl up in bed, get under the covers and pass out for at least eight hours!!!!

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