I met Pepper the husky, but I will let her tell you the story…

Hi Everyone my name is Pepper. I am sure you can tell but I am a very slick lookin’ husky living the dream in California.


I like to hang out in my roommate’s (Edit) room because I find her bed a lot more comfortable than mine. Apparently Edit left a couple days ago so even though I miss her terribly, I immediately called dibs on that bed and those crazy colored bedding sheets of hers. Then a couple of days ago this weird looking human comes through the door and says she will stay in this room while Edit is gone. I was like: excuuuuuse me? No one ever asked me about this!!!??

But here I am just hanging out, minding my own business, enjoying these soft sheets and she comes up to me and starts taking selfies…I hate selfies…even though I can see my beautiful self in them.

She told me to make a serious…more like intimidating, bad-ass kind of face…I think I did a good job with it…her? Not so much!

So after our morning photo shoot she asked me if I wanted to go on a walk. I LOVE walking so I jumped off the bed, ran to the door, hopped on the couch, rolled over to the other side, jumped off the couch, ran to the kitchen, almost knocked her off of her foot, sprinted into the kitchen, chased my tail for a second or two, ran to the entrance door and sat down to wait for her to get my leash…man it felt like she took forever. I guess we didn’t expect this but it was very hot outside so we had to stop sometimes for a couple seconds and enjoy the shade under the trees

The park we went to was very pretty. Gave us lots of shade and the air was very fresh and clear. There were no other dogs either so I got to goof around as much as I could.


After a good 40 minutes of chilling and listening to the human talking to me – I don’t know what they expect from me…am I supposed to answer or something? – we decided to go back to the house. Well, I decided but I will let the human think it was her idea, I guess it makes her feel superior or whatever.


She is kind of a slow walker, I mean I could go so much faster than her, so at one point I was like: I am getting real hungry over here, can we pick up the speed please?


But we made it home and she gave me a treat for behaving so well. She pet me, gave me water, hugged me and made me lunch. I guess she is kind of cool but I think she doesn’t shower enough so I like to clean her ears…she clearly needs help with that.

This is all for today, I gotta go, I have some trash diggin’ to do. My mom was eating pizza earlier so I must go and find all the crust she threw away!

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