10+1 fun Sporcle quizzes

Everybody has to take some time-out and some well-deserved rest throughout the day. If you need to take a little time off from watching adorable cat videos, or if you have scrolled on Pinterest allllll the way down and there are no new pins popping up (oh right, that is impossible…I love Pinterest) then you should probably check out Sporcle. This website has the best quizzes, from “Disney/Harry Potter Movie Quotes” through geography and sport related ones to different history figures…You  can quiz your self on almost anything…I am not even kidding. You can have fun and educate yourself at the same time…or just have fun! Go Sporcle!

My top 5 favorite quotes:

  1. You have 15 minutes to answer 75 questions about F.R.I.E.N.D.S.
  2. Logos Quiz
  3. Can you name the characters based on minimalist designs
  4. Countries with the most Hungarians outside of Hungary
  5. Tennis themed word ladder

Ben’s top 5 favorite quizzes (written by Ben)

  1. Have to find every lyric of a Disney song (all of them are really good)
  2. Countries of the World (All 197 of them)
  3. 200 most common words in Harry Potter
  4. Things Meatloaf WOULD do for love !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BWahahah
  5. Logic Puzzle (Countries of the World) (Every Logic game is fun, some are better (and harder) than others.)
  6. Sporcle Puzzle Hunt (This is a whole system of quizzes. Each quiz is a fun quiz to do in its own right, but then the answer becomes a puzzle you have to solve. This is one of about 15 quizzes, 15 pieces of the puzzle. I began working on this and finished a couple over the summer, but they get really hard. It makes you seem like your own Robert Langdon!! There is an Answer Confirmer so you know if you decoded the message correctly for each quiz. Each quiz is hard though, and the decoding is hard, but it’s really fun if you are into puzzles )

What are your favorites? Please comment below so I can take them! 😀


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