Do you know the color of your personality?

If your first reaction is: uhm…why would I care? – Then trust me, I have been there, but hear me out!

Have you ever took or thought about taking a personality test??…. Okay, I get that, you know yourself, but what if after filling out a personality test, you will know yourself even better? And this is not all!!!!  There is another upside to personality tests and that is the knowledge you will gain about others around you. You will understand other people’s reactions better and you will figure out ways to communicate with them easier. Think about this… whether you are still in school, trying to adult successfully, or trying to kick some butt in the business world, wherever you are headed in life…you will have to talk to people. You will have to figure them out (sometimes in a couple minutes) and you will have to know how to communicate with them!

Well…if there is something that can help you understand everyone around you, why wouldn’t you take advantage of it?

Mark Accetta is a successful business man, who in the past 30 years has mastered all the different areas of sales from direct sales to recruitment, management, and training. I found this free personality test on his website and I thought I should spread the joy and knowledge on here too.  🙂


The test took about 5-8 minutes which is not too bad. It was fun to think about the questions and see how well do I know myself. When you receive your results there is a video, a list and a descriptions of other colors 🙂 Much much fun!

Click on this link to Marc Accetta’s website to fill out the personality test

Good luck!

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