How to work with your spouse in a perfect balance?

This following interview has touched my heart and made me tear up at points. I interviewed a couple this time and I have to tell you, the outcome is AMAZING.


Megan and Eva are both entrepreneurs and are working on their own businesses. I had the honor to meet them when I was living out in the Midwest, they are both fantastic people that sacrificed a lot to pursue their dreams. I asked them to be my next interviewees because they not only represent hard work but also teamwork. I think sometimes people forget how to work as a team and how to inspire and support each other. I think their story is a perfect example for two people loving, motivating each other, working together for a better future and a great example of how important communication is to keep going forward! 

No matter what type of business you are in, if you have struggled with maintaining consistency in your life (I am guilty of that for sure) or you get discouraged at some days, you can see how Eva and Megan keeps everything under control. Their routine might be helpful to you as well and you can learn from it! This is not advertisement by any means, Eva and Megan shared their story so everyone can learn from it no matter how old you are or what your job is.

Eva and Megan, I hope your example can be a motivation to others just like it has been to me! 

HIA: What did you major in at college?

Eva: Athletic Training (Sports Medicine) and a Master’s in Sport Management.
Megan: Sport Management 

HIA: What did you want to do after college with your degrees?

E: My dream was to become a Head Athletic Trainer at a Division 1 University. I went to graduate school at the University of Tennessee and got to work as the Head Athletic Trainer for Track and Field while there. I got a dose of real D1 life and decided I would rather have personal time, free time and a life away from the team and school. I enjoyed the actual work I was doing, but the life balance was non-existent and I didn’t want to maintain that kind of work stress.

M: When I graduated from college, I thought I wanted to work in either college athletics or within  a community recreation department. I saw both avenues as a way of being able to help others, but still involve sports and being active which has always been a huge part of my life.

HIA: What do you do now exactly?

M: We are both entrepreneurs!! As a health coach and business developer, I connect with my clients virtually to help them reach their fitness goals and improve their overall health. I am also building a strong team of leaders who are wanting extra accountability to live a healthier lifestyle and have a passion for helping others!! Allowing them to create financial and time freedom for their families for paying it forward!! 

Eva: I work with Megan and our Team by helping with administrative work and do a lot of the behind the scenes duties. Since moving back to Milwaukee, I have been able to get back into personal training at a local fitness studio which has always been a passion of mine! 

HIA: Why did you chose the company you are with? 

E: Beachbody fell into my lap at just the right time. I too was a skeptic that Shakeology was any different from other products I used when training for my figure competition a few years prior. Everything I read and the people I talked to was just story after story about how their whole health has improved since incorporating Shakeology into their meal plans. It was the perfect balance between our interests and our areas of study. After we saw major results, we decided it was something we wanted to share with others and pay it forward!!

M: Beachbody has brought something into my life that I was missing after my years as an athlete. I learned more about the coaching opportunity and just knew deep down that I wanted to help others who like me have always struggled with their body image and could never get the results they wanted to see. I honestly had the moment where you look in the mirror and tell yourself to accept the fact that you will always be overweight. It was defeating and something I struggled with my entire life as an athlete.  I wanted to help athletes actually feel like an athlete!  So I thought why not!? I also saw the potential of financial and time freedom thru this opportunity! This would allow us to not live paycheck to paycheck and create our own work schedules while doing something I was passionate about instead of just going through the motions. I have never been a Corporate America type of person so for me this seemed like the perfect fit. 

HIA: Do you run into some negative attitude towards your business, how do you handle those situations? 

M: Just like any opportunity, there are always skeptics and haters. Some don’t trust the products or think it is a big scam. Even Eva was skeptic until she learned more and actually tried Shakeology for herself! I personally come from a place of knowing why our products work for us  and our clients and how our life is changing because of our Beachbody business!

When it comes to changing your lifestyle whether you are wanting to improve your health or change your financial situation, you personally have to be ready to commit to that. It is a decision each person has to make for him/herself so some push back might just mean that he/she is not ready to commit to a lifestyle change. 

HIA: It is so nice to see that you found a way to support each other and keep each others dreams alive. It is a tough to be an entrepreneur and some people lose the support of their family and friends or quit the business to keep their relationships. What do you think about that?

M: Being an entrepreneur is not easy. If it was everyone would be doing it. For us though, it was a decision we made together because we know that the sacrifice we put in now will pay off 5, 10, 20 years from now and is helping us design our life! Sure some people may not like that I share my journey on social media, but if my journey inspires just one person to make a change than it is worth it to me!

E: We have seen that to a certain extent. We got a lot of flack in the beginning for changing our social media accounts to our main marketing tool instead of just our personal pages. It took a few months, but we knew we wanted this for the long haul and our good friends would stay in touch even if they stopped following our profiles. It is definitely helpful that we have each other. There are many days that I realize how difficult it would be if I didn’t have support at home. That being said, we have seen our lives improve and we’ve only come so far.

HIA: Lots of people give up after a few failures, or find it difficult to continue to work hard and to sacrifice. Do you have some advice for them?

E: Unfortunately, our current world favors short term gains and instant gratification. These are the exact opposite qualities of a successful network marketing business. We have to work constantly at remembering the long term reward is worth dismissing the instant comfort. If you can repeat what your work requires, every day, not just when you feel like it, you will be rewarded for your work. Consistency is key and will produce results, you just have to trust your work and value your patience. Another key aspect to keep in mind is your network marketing business is your full time job. You need to treat it that way. At the end of every day would you be promoted or would you be fired given that day’s performance?

M: Learn to love hearing the word No because you will hear that more than you will hear yes. Embrace it! Know and believe deep down that what you are sharing with others is something that can truly change their life for the better if they decide to commit. As Eva mentioned, consistency is essential in any area of life if you want to see change. Trust the process and don’t let a no stop you from living out your passion and purpose and helping others! 

HIA: How do you keep going on the bad days?

E: I am a very visual person so I try to keep little picture reminders or key words in close at hand places. When I am ready to give up because I just don’t want to invite another person or it feels like everyone is saying no. I look to my visual keys to keep me on task and focus on that long term reward. Another thing I like to do is take a step back from the trees and look at the whole forest. I pick something positive that has been trending, focus on that, and then get back to the task at hand.

M: Personal development is key. Just as you feed your body healthy, nourishing food you have to feed your mind. Staying consistent with this daily behavior keeps your mind positive, pure, inspired, and equipped to get through the bad days because you will have them. Work on yourself more than any other part of your business! 

HIA: What is your daily routine? What does a normal day look like for you?

E: My day starts by feeding my brain or my physical body. Sometimes that looks like reading quietly to myself, journaling, discussing an emotional topic with Megan, practicing Yoga, going on a bike ride, doing my workout, or watching the sunrise. Regardless, my mornings are for me. I start with something positive I love and it sets the tone for my day. From there I am either headed to the gym to train a client or headed to a coffee shop to work on my administrative duties. I spend a pre-determined amount of time on one task, sometimes 20 minutes, sometimes 45, sometimes more. When I hit that time frame, I check to see I am still focused. If I am, I continue to work for another set period of time. If something else is distracting me, I work on that instead. I continue this process until all of my projects are complete for the day.

M: Before I help anyone else, I start my day focused on me. I drink 10 oz of water first thing and then I plug into personal development audios while I foam roll my muscles and stretch to get ready for my workout. After about 10-15 minutes, I cue up my scheduled workout on my lap top and get sweaty! I follow up my workout with my healthiest meal of the day, Shakeology! 

This routine ensures that I have fueled my mind and body to have an awesome day! It starts my day out on a positive not and gives me energy so now I can turn my focus on helping others! I have a set schedule with daily tasks for each day of the week that I follow. I block off specific evenings for team calls and time to be able to connect with my clients about their goals and needs. 

HIA: You have been through a serious emotional roller coaster lately. How do you manage to stay so positive? 

E: Well we haven’t always and that is good to admit too. Using each other as sounding boards and to garner emotional support has been key. We have had bad moments and periods of insecurity. We are each other’s partners and equals, but we don’t lean on each other equally every day. Some days I can give 80% and Megan can give me 20%. Some days I can give 15% and Megan gives 85%. We also strive to talk about vulnerable moments and situations together. We don’t shy away from the hard conversations and we push each other to progress in communication when we are frustrated and stuck in a negative place.

M: I agree with Eva that communication has been key not just in these past few months, but over the course of our 7 year relationship. On top of that, we are surrounded by incredibly inspiring, positive, and supportive friends and family who keep us going on the hard days. Staying plugged into my daily personal development helps keep my mind positive too! 

HIA: If you could recommend one book for others to read what would that be and why?

M: Personal Development has been a game changer for my own growth and for leading my team. The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy is one of my favorites because it is a daily reminder that the little work you put in each day all adds up in the end for greater rewards. It is about taking one step forward each day and this idea can be applied to so many different areas of your life! 

E: I love my personal development to still come wrapped inside a good story that has to be interpreted. My favorite go to is The Alchemist by Paulo Cohello.

HIA: Who is your personal hero?

E: My personal hero is my mom. I know it sounds cliche. We didn’t really have a close relationship until just a few years ago. I thought she made bad decisions and I saw her as a weak person. Once I turned on my vulnerability and got to know her better, I realized the reasons behind her decisions and got to know the real person under the “mom”. I now list her as one of the most self-less, inspiring and strong women I know. 

M: One of my personal heroes is my best friend, Sara Bayer! We met playing basketball at Cardinal Stritch University. On and off the court she has taught me about discipline, persistence, strength, and leadership. Growing up, my family did not talk about feelings and she helped me realize that I was hiding behind walls of insecurity and fear. She helped me learn how to become vulnerable, how to be myself and be proud of who I am, how to listen to others and honor them. 

*****This interview is not advertisement by any means! This was made for motivation for EVERYONE around the world, whether you are in school, looking for a job, building your own business, working in network marketing or just lost motivation in general. We hope stories like this can inspire you and can help you create your own success story! *****

If you have any questions to Eva and Megan, please write it in the comment section and they will answer!

//Thank you for reading//

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