Horseshoe Bend, AZ

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.”
– Ibn Battuta


I had to start this blog post with this quote about Horseshoe Bend  because this is exactly how I felt, arriving to this wonderful site.

We have heard about Horseshoe Bend before and it was definitely on our list to visit one day. Someone told us that the best time to see it, is during sunset, so we arrived around 5:30 pm into the parking lot. We kind of missed (forgot) the fact that it is still almost a mile hike to the site from the parking lot, so we were a little “disappointed” when we approached the top of the hill from the lot and this is all we saw:

a little packed around the area :)
a little packed around the area 🙂

At this point our excitement was definitely at its peak. It is a pretty good work-out to the site…walking in the deep sand is alway challenging, but the scenery is beautiful…

See?! Not too bad…I mean not even close to what is coming…but still pretty

Arriving to the site left us speechless. No picture or description could have prepared us to what was waiting for us there:IMG_9907

this picture is a little too bright…sorry about that 😦

Even though there are a lot of people standing around with their jaw dropped to the ground, the area is big enough to find your own little isolated place to sit down and just stare for minutes into the nothing. There is no path down to the Little Colorado River from this area, so we could only stare at the lucky tourists who were floating down the river in their canoes…can’t even imagine the view from their stand-point…maybe next time!

I love the colors on this picture
I love the colors in this picture

So like I said we were just sitting next to each other, speechless….there was nothing going on on my mind. I wasn’t worried about things, I didn’t wonder about anything, I wasn’t planning my next day…it was just quiet, calm and incredibly peaceful to be there. If I lived close to that place that would be my thinking spot. 🙂

the cliffs are beautifully intimidating

It was so hard to get up from our spot and start walking back to the car. I looked back like 20 times just to make sure I will never ever forget what I just saw. We took so many pictures and I have been going through them a lot but of course, it’s just not the same.

Can’t wait to go back one day!


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