Have you ever felt like you are losing motivation? This is for you!

Great day or a terrible day? Up to you!

Growing up I “loved” those talks with my parents. The talk when I was just sitting by the dinner table, feeling like the universe was picking on me and my parents just did not felt my pain at all and all I heard was: time to quit feeling sorry for yourself and get it together! Ahhhh excuuuuse me? But of course it turns out they were right about that too but then it was just too late to admit it because hey I have a reputation and have you heard about pride?

The point is, sometimes we have crapy days but we can choose to feel terrible about it or try to see the good and go to bed happy.

If you had a terrible day before, I would like to dedicate this post to you! You know, those days when you ask yourself the question: why the heck am I doing this again?

You must have been there before too, when you question all of your previous hard work, you question your motivation and everything at once.

But it is okay to have these days…

Let me tell you about my day:

Today I woke up and after washing my face and having a glass of fresh water I looked at my phone and saw a message…a message from someone that I have been talking to for a week with a purpose of him going to a meeting. I approached him a week ago saying to go to this event and I also asked him to make sure to give me a response on time…for a whole week we talked about this and today I woke up for a message saying: oh it is tomorrow at 6:00? Sorry I can’t make it. But…You have known about this for a week now…

I dressed up because I had two other meetings scheduled for today and left the house

I arrived to my meeting and the person is nowhere to be found…I text…nothing…I wait…nothing…well what do I do now? I started working in the mean-time and 40 minutes later I get a message, saying sorry, couldn’t make it…(no way, I never realized it, thanks). We schedule a new appointment, I took a deep breath and moved on…

I packed up my stuff and walked to the other meeting spot which was only 10-15 minutes walk away and since I love walking I thought it would be a nice way to spend all that free time I got in my hands now…

I arrive and greet the secretary of the person I was supposed to meet and there comes a reply…I am sorry, he left for the day…

Well, there were so many things I wanted to say and I knew if I said it to the secretary, it would have been the wrong thing to do…it wasn’t her fault, she is just the messenger and taking all my frustration out on her wouldn’t do any good for me or her or nobody…

So I left the office started walking down the stairs and I imagined that I am standing on the top of a mountain and screaming my head off…oh did it feel awesome? Yes it did….I stepped outside and the rain started pouring immediately…


At this point I started laughing which might have been a weird reaction but I couldn’t believe the day I have been having so far…for a split second I almost started having a melt down in the middle of the street but then I realized this is not how I wanna see myself on YouTube one day…so I grabbed my headphones and put a song on on my phone…it is my secret pump-up song which I am not entirely proud of but this song says everything I feel sometimes…and today was sometimes…

It made me feel a little better as I walked back to my car. Granted I got soaked but who cares at this point. I drove home, took a shower and made a hot tea…sat down at my desk silently and took out my little daily organizer… I put it in front of me on the desk and started reading the motivational quotes on the front of it….quote by quote I started feeling better… I opened it up at the first page where I wrote down my goals…

Yes I remember now clearly. I know why I am doing this and I know why I even started the first place…Today’s happenings are already behind my back, they are in the past…Was it good that it happened? Nope! Did it suck? Oh yes it did! Will in happen in the future? Probably! Is this gonna make me change my mind? No it won’t! Then I guess this is all that matters.

I got up from my desk and started walking around the living room…started thinking about the positive future that I see for my family and why I am where I am today.

So what I am trying to say is, that if you are out there looking for a job, if you are involved in a network marketing/direct sales business, if you are applying for schools and get denied or lose a match or two in your sport career…what truly matters is where you are headed…days like this need to make you stronger and to remind you of your goals…Go ahead and count your blessings and what you are thankful for!

I got slapped in the face today, not only by three people but even the weather…I got slapped and after a little bit of self-pity I realized that I have two options:

  1. I can quit, give up and say bye to my dreams or
  2. I can start laughing hysterically in the middle of the street, looking like a crazy person and realize that in a couple years when I am even closer to my goals, this day won’t matter anymore…heck…i won’t even remember it anymore.

If you ever had a similar day to mine, if you ever doubted yourself or if it ever crossed your mind to give up on your dreams, just remember:

Put your secret pump-up music on, remind yourself of your goals, smile, and if you want to, start dancing in the rain!!! And now go and kick ass!!!!!


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