Oh hey oatmeal, what can you do for me?

Everyone who knows me is well aware of the fact that I have sweet tooth…I love chocolate, and my absolute favorite is Nutella. Unfortunately I had to realize that my addiction for sweet sweet chocolate took a very bad turn and after a certain age, even from breathing I started gaining weight. So I had to look for healthier substitutes for those days when I had cravings for some dessert.

And then I discovered the oatmeal…well I have known about it, but then I started actually using it. There are plenty healthy meals, breakfast or snacks options that can be made with oatmeal. It is pretty filling and very easy to get creative with the flavoring.

Today I woke up in desperate need of something delicious that I can snack on so I enjoyed a long romantic walk to the fridge, took out the milk, grabbed the oatmeal from the shelf and put the pan on the stove.

after the oatmeal gets a little brown on the stove, I add almond milk to it and wait for it to boil.

After the oatmeal gets a little brown on the stove, I add almond milk to it and wait for it to boil.

Now this is where I say let’s get creative…wonder what is around the house I could use:

Found honey to sweeten it, found half a banana, to make it more creamy, have some chia seeds to make it even more nutritious, cinnamon for the taste, and found some raspberries in the fridge…I say that should be enough….


And after letting it cool for a little bit, this was the result:


A delicious little snack to please my sweet tooth and start off the morning well.

Now let’s see the ingredients:


  • has lots of fiber in it, that helps lower cholesterol, helps with high blood pressure;
  • has important minerals in them such as iron, zinc, magnesium;
  • helps with controlling weight by making you feel full longer;
  • easy to make and delicious

Honey: is a very natural, delicious, anti-bacterial way to sweeten your meal…now be smart about it…honey is high on fructose so there is no need to go and overdose on it just because yay it comes from bees…but is way healthier than using over-processed sugar to sweeten your tea or coffee. (just in my opinion)

  • contains flavonoids and antioxidants
  • those antioxidants help your immune system fight sickness especially during winter time…(a spoon full of honey helps when your throat hurts)
  • energizing! As an athlete I used honey to get me some extra energy on the court and throughout the day

Cinnamon: I didn’t really know much about cinnamon, I just always loved the taste of it, but it turns out that there is more to it as found on the website of the Health Magazine.

  • keeping your heart healthy (who wouldn’t want that?)
  • regulates your blood sugar
  • protects against diabetes
  • helps with brain function (can’t say no to that)

Chia seeds: I found all the nutrition info here.

  • low in calories, high in nutrition
  • again…loaded with antioxidants
  • high on fiber
  • good protein for your body
  • high in Omega-3

Bananas: even though I have heard before that when you are trying to lose weight, try to leave bananas out of your meals, I just can’t turn my back to them. They are delicious and I believe great for you. I used half a banana only to not get too crazy on it..the other half will go into my shake this afternoon.

So this is one of my favorite meals I make when I crave something sweet and would like to snack on something, I recommend it to everyone!

But of course you don’t need to believe me, go ahead and do your own research too! 😀

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