The Great Waffles

Well, since this blog is about everyday challenges, I thought it would be appropriate to share tonight’s challenge.

After a delicious meal Ben and I made we decided to make some dessert for tonight. I thought I was going to be super creative when I suggested to make flour-less pancakes. We have all the great ingredients I thought: bananas, eggs, baking powder, dark chocolate chip thingies, chia seeds, and almond milk….I felt very good about it so I put these ingredients into a big bowl, just like this:


But our creativity doesn’t know limits, so we decided to make the pancakes in the waffle maker because why not and they will look cooler and it might be less work….this I am not sure about anymore.

So we put the stuff into the waffle maker….


and then we waited…and waited…and waited aaaand finally when the little red sign changed over to green, we opened the waffle maker and we saw this:


I am not saying we were disappointed but let’s just say we were not not disappointed with the outcome 😀 But whatever, there is the two of us, so we gotta make one more, right? So we did and so this was the result….


Might as well have some fun with it haha and if you look at it long enough, they look like smiling ghosts!!

They turned out delicious, so luckily we just had to be okay with the fact that they might not be the prettiest looking waffles ever…but who cares, they are our waffles 😁

Have a good night everyone!

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