A Trip to California – Discovering the acai bowls

Oh Los Angeles, sun, palm trees, ocean, famous people, acai bowl.. Is there anything else I could ask for?

Growing up in Hungary, watching American movies, there was one place where I had to and wanted to go and it was L.A. Seeing all the famous people, living the dream, marring Keanu Reeves or Matt Damon, oh what wonderful life would that be….OH right…this is not how it works…I guess I grew up 🙂

But this past weekend we went to visit family and even though it was a short two and a half day experience, we really made the best out of it.

Arrived Friday late night, so there wasn’t much to do, but after a good night sleep, we started Saturday off just right. We went to play cardio tennis at a club where my friend works…. Previously I mentioned all the struggles that 2 hours put me through for the next couple of days… Playing again felt wonderful and I did very well, but man it took me all my strength not to collapse on the court in front of everyone and start crying from exhaustion. Other players were in their mid 30s but all of them kicked our butt cardio vise…Even tho I have been running and doing weights lately, there is nothing that can prepare one for a good tennis work out…it is just the best and I felt every little muscle in my body when we stopped…and in the next 5 days as well.

Right after tennis and after chugging 5 bottles of water we went to eat an acai bowl…


It looked like this…or something similar…unfortunately I was too exhausted to take a picture so I looked this one up online.

Why is this the most wonderful thing ever? Besides the obvious fact, that it is a bowl packed with fruits, vitamins, delicious stuff, acai has plenty of health benefits. It is packed with antioxidants (some anti-aging stuff which is great because it means you will NEVER get old if you eat a lot from this 🙂 ), healthy fats (that will make your hair look pretty, your skin flawless, your heart strong, and your brain sharp….you can even get smart from it whaaaaaat? 🙂 ), fiber and is very low in sugar. Acai is one of the new trending super foods out there as I heard, everyone in California are headed to the stores to stuff their faces with acai to stay healthy, young, and beautiful forever. This tropical fruit is native of Brazil and let’s be honest one of the most delicious fruits ever. I completely fell for it too…so now that I am back home, I will make this myself. There are plenty different recipes out there, it is easy to get creative with it but for starters here is one for example:

Look at this lady, she is healthy and happy from eating acai

So all I can do is recommend this wonderfullness, go crazy at home and enjoy this light, vitamin packed thing….stuff…bowl or something. Go acai!!!

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