The almost good video

I have to admit this past week was a little bit of a struggle in terms of working out. One week ago we played cardio tennis in Los Angeles and it took us another 3-4 days to recover completely… College tennis was a long time ago and I had forgotten what it feels like to be sore from head to toe. To top that 2 hour insanely intense tennis drill, we decided to go and try surfing which I admit was fun, but not the smartest idea that day.


Now, a week later, and while caught-up in the excitement of the US Open, we decided to go and play some tennis again. We are not sore anymore, the rain stopped, the US Open men’s final got delayed so we still have time.

Sometimes it feels nice to mix up my work-outs…My biggest problem is the lack of consistency so I am trying out a new strategy. The reason why I had no consistency is because I went to work out and pushed myself so hard that the next day or the day after I had zero motivation to go back and see that darn treadmill again…or even if I went to work-out, I did not train as hard as I should have…Ugh frustrating…Did this happen to anyone else before?

So here are my new strategies:
1) Work-out “only”every other day and let the body recover
2) Do not train “out of the mind” hard so I will have the motivation to go down to the weight room the next time as well
3) Mix-up the exercises: run one day, do weights the next, focus on legs and butt the third…maybe go outside for a change, do work-out in the pool…

Don’t know how everyone else keeps consistency, if you guys got one or two good tips, please let me know.

So I tried to record our little tennis sesh today but it turns out I wasn’t really in the picture…haha…but the clouds and the trees are pretty.


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