Sunday night dinner

At the beginning of the week I got bok choy (which is a type of cabbage) at the grocery store because I have never bought one before and it was green and happy looking and is a veggie so it must be healthy…after eating a lot at the cafeteria at school and doubling my waist size, now that I graduated I decided to cook better at my own kitchen and get rid of the jiggling feeling that made me feel very uncomfortable lately…

This is a picture of a bok choy...
This is a picture of a gigantic bok choy…

I looked it up and it turns out that bok choy contains a bunch of Vitamin A-s and minerals, such as iron, magnesium and calcium. So double yay to bok choy-s…So after washing and cutting up this wonderful piece of vegetable, I heated up olive oil in a pan and added some garlic to it..when the garlic turned brownish redish almost blackish (might have forgotten about it for a little bit) I added the bok choy to the mix and let it be….

IMG_9421Whilst admiring my wonderful cooking skills and talent, I realized that we don’t have any kind of meat that we could eat with it. I put some potatoes in the oven and made a dipping sauce (sour cream, mustard, tiny bit of mayo, paprika, pepper, onions, and salt)…

I am not saying it was the best combo of the century and let’s be honest I kind of sautéed the heck out of that bok choy waiting for the potatoes to get done but it turned out kind of nice. It was a very light dinner and we both enjoyed it… This was the outcome:


The day’s clumsy moment happened when I took the potatoes out from the oven and rubbed my arm against the hot oven…oh hot oven I love you…not.


Now I have a surf-board shaped cooking injury and I am very proud of it…I guess…it itches like no other….

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