Wow. Growing up is trap :D…while going to school I remember I couldn’t stop wishing that school was over and I could start my grown up life…even though my parents kept telling me to enjoy these years until I can because grown up life is sometimes tougher than I think…but there was nothing that seemed more complicated than dealing with my classes, practices, all those “complicated” time schedules and my sometimes dramatic teenager crush stories…but then I grew up…

well at least by age I am considered a grown up. But I truly think I would still belong to college where all I have to worry about is going to classes and practices…but this is not the case anymore. I am an adult now. I have to act like one. Meaning go and find a job, make good money, start a family, find my circles of interest, engage in intellectual conversations and start thinking about baby names…whaaaaa?

So even though, I got some of these down, let me go back a couple years and tell you my story how i got here:

at 16 I decided that after graduating high-school in Hungary I would like to go over seas and attend college in the United States with an athletic scholarship. There was only one problem (noooo…I knew how to play tennis:) ) but I didn’t really speak english, which honestly it would have been easier to learn tennis in two years. Choosing a foreign language in high school is mandatory but I went with German language…. even though German went well, that could not get me pass any of the SAT or the very cruel TOEFL exams. So I had to start learning English all day all night. Well…I did my best…I still had two years so I felt very relaxed and good about the time…there came age 18 when I got an offer from the Texas Tech coach. I could not be more happy…I took the SAT and phew I passed…I signed my contract and everything was juuuust perfect…but then came the cruel TOEFL….I took it once…i failed miserably…I took it twice….still not enough…time was ticking and I knew I won’t be able to make it. Then came the email from the coach…sorry Orsi we can’t wait for you anymore…booooom….everything was over…what do I do now? I couldn’t make it…I failed.. I failed at life. I failed my parents, my family….I won’t ever get into school, I am not good enough to do anything….

But then after a couple of days of feeling sorry for myself my mom and dad got me out of self pity…They pushed me to go and keep learning English, take practice tests, send emails to coaches and try again a year later.

Eventually it all worked out and now almost 9 years later it seems like forever that I struggled with getting here.

Now here I am, trying to adult. Trying to find a job, live a healthy lifestyle, participate in adventures, learn how to cook, organize a home and live happily ever after with my wonderful husband. There are so many challenges in life and mostly the outcome depends on how we look at the challenge… this blog will be about my everyday challenges, tricks and tips, hard work, sometimes troubled outcomes. You will also get to know many of my friends who are wonderful, talented and strong young adults with great vision and future plans. I am hoping that via our stories we can help others who are in the same shoes as we are and have trouble/hard time “adulting” sometimes…but still have lots of fun during…(i can make up my own words and then just blame it on the fact that I am international…you will see plenty weird made up words 😀 )


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